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User Testimonials

User Testimonial Reutlinger Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH (RWT)

IT security should not be left to chance

Reutlinger Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH (RWT)

Compliance Management at Reutlinger Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH The increasingly complex IT infrastructure and the growing number of endpoints to be managed, meant that Reutlinger Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH was increasingly faced with the challenge to comprehensively secure their system landscape. By using baramundi’s automated compliance management module, the IT managers can now check all endpoints for vulnerabilities and insecure settings and automatically and quickly close any possible security holes.

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Managed Services by the Software Manufacturer

Reutlinger Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH (RWT)

Administrators spend a considerable amount of time and effort on routine tasks such as evaluating new versions, downloads, and packaging and deploying software updates. The standard software update cycles, which are now generally very short, often result in time issues.

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Simple, fast Windows 7 migration

Wer liefert was? GmbH

As part of its impending Windows 7 migration, the supplier search engine Wer liefert was?  GmbH in Hamburg has implemented a more efficient system management solution...

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Integrated system and service management

Hochschule Rhein-Waal

The main tasks of an IT department include professional service management as well as system management. EcholoN is the university's tool for providing a perfect user helpdesk service. The ability to integrate baramundi Management Suite and the EcholoN® Service Management Suite from mIT solutions GmbH was crucial for the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences ...

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Change from LiveState Delivery to baramundi


Client PCs across the company were managed using Symantec's LiveState Delivery software. As the manufacturer had stopped development of this product a few years ago, updates stopped being available for Windows XP after a certain point and some applications were no longer supported. As ENSO was also due to migrate to Windows 7 soon, it was clear that an alternative system management solution would be required.

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Europe-wide roll-out of Windows 7

Mazda Motor Europe GmbH

A detailed evaluation phase took place with market analysis and a number of in-house presentations by potential providers. In the final analysis Mazda chose the baramundi Management Suite as offered by the GIb mbH. » GIB mbH, headquartered in Düsseldorf, is a regional baramundi partner which, as a certifying Competence Center, performs consulting, implementation, and first-level support for baramundi products

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Multi-site client administration

MorphoSys AG

As an innovative, global research company, MorphoSys could not operate without powerful IT systems. For several years, the product iCommand from ON Technology was used for this purpose at MorphoSys – after the takeover by Symantec marketed under the name LiveState Delivery. As this product was discontinued, the company decided to replace it with a new client management solution capable of managing both scientific and standard applications. The former are typical in the industry and used a lot at biotech companies like MorphoSys. Here, the software manufacturer often requires that software be manually installed. Since imaging and MSI packaging are not possible in this case, a solution was needed that used automated procedures to install the software as precisely as if it had been done by an administrator ...

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A look behind the scenes at the ETH in Zurich

A look behind the scenes at the ETH in Zurich

How do you find a client management solution, how is it implemented and what does the infrastructure behind it look like? How does the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zurich (ETH), with around 8600 employees, 14,000 students, thousands of computers and a huge variety of different software tools, manage its clients? ...

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Efficient software deployment

Weltbild Publishing Group

The Weltbild Publishing Group is an internationally successful media and mail-order firm. As a modern publisher, the Weltbild Publishing Group would be unable to operate without powerful IT systems. The main IT administration duties include software deployment and the management of all software products used within the publishing company. Along with the usual basic features, certain items were particularly important for Weltbild. These included the execution of original manufacturer setup files, installation of the operating system, including server operating systems, an easy-to-operate interface, an option for performing inventories, the availability of different scripting methods, and the fastest possible implementation ...

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