baramundi Unified Endpoint Management

baramundi Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management with baramundi

In large, heterogeneous IT environments, routine tasks such as software deployment take up a lot of time. What's more, a wide variety of device types need to be continually managed and backed up. Optimize these processes with the comprehensive baramundi Unified Endpoint Management solution. Endpoint management, Enterprise Mobility Management, and endpoint security are provided via a common interface, in a single database, and according to uniform standards.
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Reliable Automation

  • Inventorization of hardware, software, apps, and licenses
  • Operating system installation
  • Software packaging and deployment
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Data protection and backup
  • Vulnerability and patch management
  • Guaranteed endpoint security
  • Hardware management

Cloud-Enabled Endpoint Management (CEM)

For important administration purposes, reach conventional Windows endpoints that are primarily outside of the LAN. Manage computers in home offices or remote subsidiaries, or laptops used by project employees on customer premises without VPN. baramundi ensures the endpoints can be reached via the Internet by the administrator even without the cooperation of the end user.

Enterprise Mobility Management

A comparison of the iOS, Android, and Windows 10 mobile platforms reveals that the same parameters such as name, domain, or server need to be entered in different places. This variety makes configuration more difficult. baramundi makes this work easier for you by letting you manage all endpoints centrally in a unified interface, with handy automation features. Configure all mobile devices centrally to guarantee company security, for example by requiring a certain password strength or setting the device to lock automatically when the screen turns off. If necessary, you can use the "remote wipe" feature to remotely delete everything on an endpoint and protect company data. App blacklisting and whitelisting lets you define forbidden or allowed applications, ensuring even greater security.

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About baramundi

baramundi software provides companies and organizations with efficient, secure, and cross-platform management of workstation environments. Around the world, over 3,500 customers of all sizes and from every sector benefit from the German manufacturer's many years of experience and outstanding products.

These are compiled into an integrated, future-orientated unified endpoint management approach in the baramundi Management Suite: endpoint management, enterprise mobility management, and endpoint security are provided via a shared interface, using a single database, and according to global standards.

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