baramundi Smart DeviceGuard

baramundi Smart DeviceProtect


Secure Monitoring of Storage Media, Devices and Port Access

baramundi Smart DeviceProtect powered by DriveLock allows you to monitor the flow of data between devices as well as data media access. The whitelist concept of the endpoint security software ensures that only authorized devices can be used to access data. Administrators clearly identify devices with Smart DeviceProtect and assign them individual access rights. These can be allocated for a device class, a specific device, or a specific medium, and can apply to individual users, complete groups of users, or certain computers. Access rights management is performed centrally via a clear, easy to operate interface.

Benefits for You

  • Simple configuration of integrated devices through machine learning
  • Only selected devices and external drives are allowed
  • Proactive prohibition of CD/DVD burners
  • Prevents file transfer via unencrypted or unauthorized media
  • Allows checks to see who copied which files to which medium
  • Automatically and securely encrypts external USB data media upon request
  • Secure approval options and user-friendly self-servicing
  • Trains employees to handle data and external data media securely
  • Comprehensive forensic analysis and reports

Try it Out!

Find out whether baramundi Smart DeviceProtect powered by DriveLock can help you, and request a free 30-day fully functional trial version. We’ll happily demonstrate to you in person in your company how you can make the most of working with the baramundi Management Suite, and how baramundi Smart DeviceProtect can help you control your data flow.

baramundi Smart DeviceProtect in Detail

Flexible, Simple and Efficient

USB flash drives continue to be a popular method for transferring data. Despite the existence of various cloud or sharing services such as Dropbox, etc., USB flash drives are still widely used. Employees also use USB ports in companies to charge smartphone and other end devices. Ransomware can reach one or more devices in this way, and confidential company data can suddenly reach the public.
baramundi Smart DeviceProtect powered by DriveLock checks all removable data media and devices. All types of company policy are possible and feasible, from monitoring a company agreement to the implementation of strict policies. The fast distribution of all settings makes the implementation of baramundi Smart DeviceProtect child’s play.

Monitoring of External Drives

  • Flexible checks on all externally connected media allows you to determine who can use which drive at what time. 
  • Integrated data flow control through checks on data types means that you can specify who can read or copy which files.
  • Comprehensive file operation auditing, including shadow copies, allows you to check who copied which files to which medium at what time.

Monitoring of Network Drives

  • Additional security for network shares or WebDAV-based drives helps you determine who can use which drive and at what time.
  • Integrated data flow control through checks on data types allows you to determine who can copy what files where.

Encryption To-Go

baramundi Smart DeviceProtect includes Encryption-2-Go, making it possible to securely encrypt files on removable data media either by means of an encrypted container, or at the file and folder level. This can be chosen by the end user or specified by the administrator. With Encryption 2-Go, encrypted containers can be connected or disconnected as normal drives.