baramundi Smart DiscProtect

baramundi Smart DiscProtect


Fast and Reliable Encryption

The unintentional disclosure of sensitive business information and the loss or theft of mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones cost German businesses millions of euros each year. The most effective and easiest form of protection is to encrypt devices and data. baramundi Smart DiscProtect by DriveLock is the solution. All hard drives or partitions, as well as USB flash drives, SD media, eSata disks, and even burned CDs/DVDs can be encrypted with certified procedures.

Benefits for You

  • Certified encryption module (FIPS 140-2)
  • Pre-boot user authentication (PBA)
  • Smartcard/eToken support
  • Optional: single sign-on
  • Rapid recovery features
  • UEFI and legacy BIOS support

Try it Out!

Find out whether baramundi Smart DiscProtect can help you and request a free 30-day fully functional trial version.  We’ll happily demonstrate to you in person in your company how you can make the most of working with the baramundi Management Suite and how you can protect your sensitive data against unauthorized access with baramundi Smart DiscProtect. 

baramundi Smart DiscProtect in Detail

Fast and Reliable

baramundi Smart DiscProtect powered by DriveLock securely encrypts your company data. Hard drive encryption works transparently and unobtrusively without interfering with the work process or disturbing the user. Encryption always remains in the background. Likewise, normal Windows login remains unchanged, meaning users only have to log into the system once. The most important functional components include: FIPS 140-2 certified encryption module, fast pre-boot user authentication, single sign-on and tried-and-tested and fast recovery capabilities.