Product Description

The software is based on the ITIL standard, is SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL (for IT, facility, HR, customer and marketing servicemanagement) and Trust in Cloud certified. The products are 100% web-based and are characterized by modern design, user-friendly handling and a pragmatic approache. TOPdesk is primarily aimed at IT departments and helpdesks that support their employees and colleagues and take care of the organization's service processes. But other departments can also use TOPdesk for their service processes.

A wide range of extension modules covers areas of servicemanagement that differ from the classic helpdesk: Orders, reservations, facility servicemanagement, maintenance work, visitor registration, HR and much more. No additional software needs to be purchased for all these agents and departments. Thanks to the roles and rights system, each department only works with the data relevant to it. 

Since TOPdesk is a standard solution, the implementation at the customer's site is fast, easy and reliable. Experienced consultants implement together with the customer in the shortest possible time so that the customer is not left in a state of dependency. As a result, customers are familiar with the product from the beginning and can make many settings and changes themselves without the help of the consultant. Should questions or problems nevertheless arise, a trained support team is available by telephone or via the web. For individual customer requests that go beyond the standard functionalities of TOPdesk, the employees from the Technical Solution Engineering department are happy to help with their technical solutions.

Our partner is the manufacturer of TOPdesk Professional and Enterprise

TOPdesk Deutschland GmbH
Hertelsbrunnenring 24
67657 Kaiserslautern


About TOPdesk Deutschland GmbH

TOPdesk is an international software company in the field of Enterprise Servicemanagement, founded in 1993 by two Dutch students in Delft (Netherlands). In less than 20 years TOPdesk has become a market leader in the industry. The company employs over 800 people at its headquarters in Delft, with offices in Kaiserslautern and Augsburg (DE), Tilburg (NL), London and Manchester (UK), Antwerp and Charleroi (BE), Budapest (HU), Copenhagen (DK), Oslo (NO), São Paulo (BR), Orlando (US), Toronto (CA) and Melbourne (AUS).

From development, sales, implementation to support, everything is in one hand. Since the company was founded, it has already acquired over 4,500 customers in more than 45 countries.
The Kaiserslautern location was founded in 2004 for the German-speaking market. Meanwhile, the Kaiserslautern branch employs more than 100 people and has over 700 customers.