baramundi Tech SummIT

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baramundi Tech SummIT in Manchester


The baramundi Tech SummIT is an exclusive event enabling IT administrators and decision makers to gather and educate themselves further on the upcoming challenges of our digital environment as well as the possible solutions offered through unified endpoint management.

Attendees will enjoy a unique platform to share forward-thinking ideas, connect with peers, and learn from best practices, whilst enjoying a 4 course meal. Our goal is to offer new insights and connections, and inspire to prepare for a better working IT infrastructure in a relaxed atmosphere, built to encourage free flowing conversation.

Connect with Peers

Connect and network with a selected group of influential executives from IT systems in the UK.

Learn and influence thinking

Learn from best practices with unified endpoint management and share your experiences.

Interact with executive management

Gain insights from leaders of designated companies in UK and connect with the leadership team of baramundi.

That´s IT – Experience secure and intuitive Unified Endpoint Management with the baramundi Management Suite

Manage your IT infrastructure without fuss or needless complexity

Digitisation is affecting every company. Whether it is process optimisation and automation, mobility or risk management, the IT team will have to cope with quite some challenges in the future. So get your IT infrastructure ready now with a secure, efficient, and cost-optimized Unified Endpoint Management solution from baramundi. Whether PC, laptop, server, smartphone or tablet – the baramundi Management Suite supports you in managing all devices in your corporate network.

The baramundi Management Suite increases your IT security, ensures visibility and overview of your IT infrastructure, standardises processes, reduces error rates, and cuts costs. Thanks to the incredibly user-friendly platform and automation administration tools, you’ll spend noticeably less time on routine work and gain valuable man hours and resources for strategic projects.

We look forward to welcoming you next time at our baramundi TechSummIT!