baramundi Argus Cockpit

IT System and Job Status

from all times and locations

Monitor IT system and job status from anywhere at any time via the cloud

Administrators often have the titanic task of keeping an eye on the status of one or more IT environments around the clock. Named for Argus, the tireless, all-seeing Titan giant of Greek mythology, the cloud-based baramundi Argus Cockpit clearly displays the status of bMS environments on any web-enabled device.
Administrators responsible for two or more baramundi Management Servers often face a dilemma: How can you monitor the status of bMS jobs and server states from outside of the network? It’s confusing and challenging to maintain multiple VPN connections to different servers, as well as overly complicated for a quick status check. Administrators can use the baramundi Argus Cockpit to display important data from all end devices at any time and check, for example, whether there are end devices for which important updates are pending or how many end devices in the IT environment are not encrypted with BitLocker. This and other relevant information about the baramundi Management Server(s) itself and the connected end devices is clearly displayed in the cloud dashboard.


Your benefits

  • IT system status is available anywhere and anytime in the browser
  • No VPN or additional infrastructure necessary
  • Quick overview of current jobs
  • Clear display of relevant data from end devices in the IT environment(s)


  • Uses the most modern cloud technology and hosting in Europe
  • Scalable and available globally 
  • Responsive dashboard views for desktop and mobile browsers
  • Ideal for system houses and larger companies with distributed/international headquarters with an overview of information per client/customer or location 
  • bMS release-independent updates for new functions and bug fixes multiple times a year
  • Status view for bServer services
  • Status view for bMS job instances 
  • Activate/deactivate synchronizing information to Argus Cockpit at any time 
  • Data processed and transmitted in conformity with data privacy
  • Protection against unauthorized access thanks to proven security standards 

Supported platforms

baramundi Argus Cockpit is available on any Internet-enabled platform. 

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“On a 75-inch monitor in my office, Argus Cockpit shows me the most important bMS status information of the servers in all of our locations. I always know system status and if there are any escalations needed.
That means I can quickly identify problems and intervene before user notices the problem.”

Torben Boockmann, Organizational Leader

baramundi Argus Cockpit in detail

Administrators who are responsible for more than one baramundi Management Server in their IT infrastructure often face a dilemma: How can you monitor baramundi jobs and bServer services that work on independent systems when working outside the company network?

Maintaining several VPN connections to the respective servers is both confusing and challenging to implement. In addition, several filters can be set to display specific, relevant data from end devices and thus define the threshold for a required action.

Multi-client capability

baramundi Argus Cockpit provides simultaneous monitoring of two or more IT environments managed with the baramundi Management Suite. Administrators with multiple company locations and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) responsible for a mix of customer environments can monitor the status of all systems in a single dashboard display. Argus Cockpit provides information on whether action is required and shows details about potential system interruptions.

Cloud technology

Information on the performance of connected systems comes from an MS Azure environment overseen by baramundi. This eliminates the need to establish a direct VPN connection to managed networks. Needed data can be retrieved directly in a dashboard view using the browser of any current, web-enabled device. With this responsive view, IT administrators have access to relevant IT environment data and its key figures anytime and anywhere.

Full control with the Argus Cockpit Dashboard

Full control with the Argus Cockpit Dashboard

Argus Cockpit on the road in the Mobile Dashboard view

Argus Cockpit on the road in the Mobile Dashboard view

baramundi Argus Cockpit - EMail

Secure user registration and login

baramundi Argus Cockpit - Jobs

Job information with status

baramundi Argus Cockpit - Services

Detailed status of the bServer services

Complete overview of job status

Complete overview of job status

Monitor individual key figures with Universal Dynamic Groups (UDG)

Monitor individual key figures with Universal Dynamic Groups (UDG)