baramundi License Management

baramundi License Management

A Quick Overview of your Own License Situation Helps Avoid Over- and Undercoverage

Put the pen down and stop creating lists by hand: baramundi License Management automatically detects installations in your organization’s network and reconciles them with stored license information. The simple and clear reports mean that it is easy to identify any cases of over- or undercoverage. This enables you to create the foundation for reliable, compliant license management within your organization with reasonable effort.

Benefits for You

  • Simple, clear reporting
  • Fast, transparent detection of over- or underlicensing
  • Forms the basis for reliable, compliant license management


  • Flexible web interface for workstations without a baramundi Management Center installation
  • Structure for recording products, licenses and contracts
  • Simple assignment of existing installations in the organization
  • Standard reporting and creation of individual reporting views

Supported Platforms

baramundi License Management supports all Microsoft operating systems and keeps a record of applications on these platforms via baramundi Inventory.

Recommendation for detailed license optimization questions

For detailed questions on license optimization or upcoming audits, baramundi recommends that you refer to an independent SAM consultant.

Try it Out!

Find out whether baramundi License Management can help you, and request a free 30-day fully functional trial version.
We’ll happily demonstrate to you in person in your company how you can make the most of working with the baramundi Management Suite, and how baramundi License Management can help you gain an overview of your license situation.


License Management in detail

Transparency for smart cost control

License fees are responsible for the lion’s share of costs in IT. Overcoverage can therefore be just as expensive as a software audit that finds the number of licenses is too low. In order to counter this, the most important first step is to gain an overview of the actual software installations within the organization and to make existing contracts that evolved over time transparent.

Gain an Overview with baramundi Inventory

baramundi License Management obtains the data to do this directly from baramundi Inventory: In addition to the name, the system also records how many and which applications and operating systems are installed. Of course, there is also an option to add installations on devices not managed via baramundi.

Structured Recording of License Information

The next step is to populate baramundi License Management with the license information. For this purpose, a structured and well-designed framework is made available to license managers where they can enter relevant data from license documentation. For example, it records whether certain upgrade or downgrade rights exist, as well as other specific license characteristics. Scans and other files can be linked to the entries for better traceability.

Easy-to-Understand Reports

The baramundi License Management module creates clear, easy-to-understand reports after reconciling the inventory results with the stored license information. This results in clear indications of any need for action regarding possible over- or under-licensing.

Added Value through AUT and Deploy

Before a new license is purchased, the frequency and most recent uses of software installations can be read via the baramundi AUT module, and surplus and/or unused installations can be removed directly via baramundi Deploy. This means that immediate corrective action is also available, which is also a much cheaper alternative to purchasing a license.

Access even Without baramundi Management Center

A flexible web browser interface allows access to baramundi License Management, even without a local installation of the baramundi Management Suite, allowing license managers outside the IT department to also have access to the cost-saving and efficiency-enhancing management tools of the baramundi License Management module.