baramundi Mobile Devices

baramundi Mobile Devices

Automated Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Tablets and smartphones are indispensable for everyday work and personal life. But combining private and business use on mobile devices can compromise security. IT managers need to prevent user apps from accessing company data and ensure that private user data cannot be viewed by administrators.

Benefits for You

  • Simple management of mobile endpoints, especially for small and medium-sized companies
  • Automated and consistent end- point lifecycle management
  • Save time and protect company data with added security
  • Support for Apple Deployment Programs and Android Enterprise


  • Automatisierte Verwaltung mobiler Endgeräte mit Android, iOS und Windows Phone
  • Kompletter Lebenszyklus eines mobilen Gerätes vom Enrollment bis zum Wipe abgedeckt
  • einfache Konfiguration mobiler Geräte mittels plattformübergreifender Profile
  • Zuverlässiges Durchsetzen von Complianceregeln und Schutz für wertvolle Unternehmensdaten
  • Black-und Whitelisting von Apps
  • Konfiguration von Apps
  • Berücksichtigung der aktuellen Datenschutzbestimmungen 
  • Mobile Endgeräte einfach und sicher integrieren 

Supported Operating Systems

  • iOS version 9 or higher
  • Android version 4.0.4 or higher
  • Android Enterprise Version 7.0 or higher
  • Windows Mobile 10

Try it Out!

Find out whether baramundi Mobile Devices can help you and request a free 30-dayfully functional trial version.
We’ll happily demonstrate to you in person in your company how you can make the most of working with the baramundi Management Suite, and how you can use baramundi Mobile Devices to securely manage your mobile endpoints.

baramundi Mobile Devices in detail

Cross-platform Configuration

Configuring devices from different mobile platforms is complex and time-consuming. The same parameters need to be entered in different ways for each mobile OS. baramundi Mobile Devices provides a uniform interface to handle multiple device configurations.
A toolkit containing various enterprise mobility management (EMM) profile building blocks makes it possible to set up different device types while accommodating the specific functions of each device.

Deploying Applications and Settings

baramundi Mobile Devices allows you to deploy mobile apps just as easily as certificates and settings. Extensive built-in Apple Deployment and Android Enterprise support allow users to search the Apple App Store, the Google Play store or a pre-configured company-specific store to install apps via the self-service Kiosk integrated in the baramundi Mobile Agent. The clear GUI in baramundi Mobile Devices also makes company-wide rollouts of app- specific configurations easy, consistent and secure.

Inventory and Data Protection

baramundi Mobile Devices maintains an overview of all mobile endpoints and configurations. It also documents details on hardware configurations, operating systems, IMEI, network data, security settings, SIM information, installed apps, and other information.
baramundi Mobile Devices also ensures compliance with applicable data protection regulations so user data such as contacts, calendar entries, call histories, e-mails, etc., are not cataloged.

Define and Enforce Security Regulations

With baramundi Mobile Devices you can specify the complexity and minimum length of passwords, as well as define app blacklists and whitelists. You can also place restrictions on the use of the app store or certain device functions. Just a few mouse clicks are required to unlock a device when an employee forgets their PIN. A dashboard view provides an overview of compliance with company-defined security regulations and detects Jailbreak/Root modifications to the operating system.
You can securely erase all data from a tablet PC or smartphone at the end of its lifecycle and remove the device from your infrastructure in the same way that you added it. Lost or stolen devices can be wiped remotely, and a replacement device automatically set up with the correct profiles and guidelines.