baramundi Patch Management

baramundi Patch Management

Update Software Automatically

IT security also means ensuring that applications are kept up-to-date with software patches. Patches close security gaps, correct errors, and extend features. Imagine you have an employee who always keeps a lookout for up-to-date Microsoft patches, and downloads them from the internet. An employee who independently installs these patches according to your wishes, and of course strictly in accordance with your requirements, or asks you what they should install, where and when. An employee that works 24 hours a day and costs no more than the license fee for really good software. Where can you find an employee like that? Easily – in the baramundi Management Suite. It will ensure that all patches provided by Microsoft are installed securely, quickly, and reliably. You save time and money, and close any security gaps.

Benefits for You

  • Immediately productive thanks to automatic updates
  • Easy operation, short training period
  • Helps identify security risks
  • Creates transparency at the patch level of the IT environment


  • Powerful patch management for Microsoft security updates and functional updates
  • Rule-based patch release options
  • Instantaneous job status recording
  • Support for the rollout of cumulative (security) updates from Microsoft
  • Easy remote control of an existing Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) if desired.

Try it Out!

Find out whether baramundi Patch Management can help you, and request a free 30-day fully functional trial version.
We’ll happily demonstrate to you in person in your company how you can make the most of working with the baramundi Management Suite, and how you can use baramundi Patch Management for the automated management of Microsoft patches.

baramundi Patch Management in detail

Fast Patch Deployment Without Disturbing Users

baramundi Patch Management allows the automatic installation of Microsoft patches, and provides fundamental security in your IT environment. It checks network computers for necessary patches, and supplies them with all operating system updates and security hotfixes reliably and securely in a rules-based process. baramundi Patch Management also supports the efficient deployment of cumulative (security) updates from Microsoft. Users can continue to work undisturbed while the installations run in the background, and necessary reboots are combined in order to keep installation times as short as possible. As patches can be installed from multiple file servers, the load on the network also remains low.

Simple and Flexible Operation

Even if baramundi Patch Management runs automatically, it only does what the administrator intends and allows. You define what is be installed automatically and when you wish to be consulted in advance. The software is simple to operate, and users only need a short period of training. The distribution of patches can be customized. baramundi Patch Management securely downloads patches and deploys them completely automatically upon request.
You can maintain an overview of your patch status at all times, and can install patches for specific individual computers for groups, or for entire domains and sites.
With baramundi Patch Management, if you run a Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) from Microsoft in your IT environment, you also have the option of controlling this remotely, and distributing updates and patches in a targeted way.

Close Security Gaps According to Your Individual Requirements

Automatic also means controlled. You can specify in detail how baramundi Patch Management should work for you. You define whether systems should just be searched for missing patches, or whether the missing patches should also be installed at the same time. You can release patches automatically or manually, and can define rules for different groups in your IT landscape. Try it Out.