baramundi Disaster Recovery

Your files and settings are safe

baramundi Disaster Recovery & Personal Backup

Be prepared when trouble strikes!

Accidentally deleted files, lost laptops, server crashes or ransomware attacks can either be manageable incidents or full-fledged disasters. The difference may depend on a single question: Do you have current and secure backups?

baramundi Disaster Recovery & Personal Backup modules help you protect company and user data, minimize downtime, mitigate losses and restore company operations quickly with a few mouse clicks.

Benefits for You

Restore systems and files quickly and easily

  • Flexible scheduled backups during operation (partitions as binary image)
  • Restores systems to a defined state very easily
  • Central configuration via the job control of the baramundi Management Suite 
  • Flexible prioritization of disaster recovery plans between speed and resource requirements 
  • Save Backup compressed on local system or centrally on server as required
  • Minimizes downtime in the event of hard disk defects, hardware loss or virus attack

What's inside?

Disaster Recovery & Personal Backup

baramundi Disaster Recovery
baramundi Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery backs up entire partitions on the fly as binary images and flexibly resets systems to a defined state. 


  • Minimizes downtime caused by disk failures, hardware loss or malware attacks
  • Restores to an identical or newly created partition
  • Operates transparently while users work undisturbed
baramundi Personal Backup
baramundi Personal Backup

Personal Backup backs up files, registry entries and personal settings. 


  • Customizable backup templates simplify management
  • Optimizes system resources with incremental backup and compression
  • Flexible restoration of entire volumes or individual files

Supported Platforms

baramundi Disaster Recovery supports all standard Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2012(R2) and Windows Server 2008(R2), via native installation.

baramundi Disaster Recovery & Personal Backup in Detail

Flexible backup configurations

Disaster Recovery backs up complete partitions as binary images quickly and securely while users work undisturbed. Store backup files locally or on the server with automatic compression to optimize use of system and network resources.

Restore systems quickly

Manage system recovery centrally using the baramundi Management Center. Simply launch Disaster Recovery, import backup files and restore with just a few mouse clicks. 

Back up personal files and settings reliably

baramundi Personal Backup automatically backs up all user data including Office documents and system and app preferences for fast and easy recovery of deleted, damaged or overwritten files. Familiar settings are maintained and user privacy is protected. 

Easy configuration and management

Customizable backup templates enable simple, centralized control of all backup and restoration functions including backup storage location, data validation, backup frequency and user access.

Quickly resolve system problems

Skip time-consuming troubleshooting of software problems and simply restore affected systems to a fresh functional state with a few mouse clicks. baramundi OS Install & Cloning, baramundi Deploy and baramundi Patch Management handle OS and app installation and updating while baramundi Personal Backup automatically restores files and settings.


Like all modules of the baramundi Management Suite, this module is licensed per managed workstation. Servers are also licensed like a normal workstation. For more details, please contact our sales staff.