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Partner Programs

Teamwork for Success

We enjoy working together with experienced system builders, dedicated professionals, and partners who want to move ahead with us.

baramundi sees itself as a team player, both internally and externally. Our most valuable team players are our partners. They accompany our constant growth throughout the German-speaking world and the EU. Their professional skills are combined with our expertise and high-quality client management to form a strong product.

Various partner levels mean that collaboration can be focused on the possibilities and requirements of the relevant partner company.

Competence Center of Excellence
Competence Center
Solution Seller

baramundi partners bring their experience, their commitment and recognition as IT pros in their region, and are supported by us. We:

    • Plan strategies together with our partners
  • Offer targeted marketing support
  • Provide optimum technical training for baramundi products
  • Offer excellent support for partners and their customers
  • Involve partners in important decisions

baramundi partner companies are specially selected by us. They familiarize themselves with all the details and facets of the baramundi Management Suite. Together, we offer our customers an excellent product with excellent service. baramundi partners benefit from:

  • Complete project protection
  • Practice-oriented training
  • On-the-job training with the manufacturer
  • Secure margins
  • Support for events and projects
  • Custom solutions
  • Development and support in Germany

If you as a competent IT provider would also like to enjoy the benefits of baramundi Management Suite, a number of options are available to you.

Please contact our partner management department:

Tel: +49 (821) 5 67 08 - 300
Email: » partner[at]