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Identifying Unused Software

Over time, companies introduce more and more software products. Rollouts across all PCs, changes of employees and roles, personal preferences for certain programs and many other reasons cause more and more applications to remain unused on company PCs. Often, even the employees no longer know which program was installed for what and whether they need it any more. 

baramundi AUT takes an inventory of this. baramundi Management Suite uses the AUT module to log in the background the programs that run on all of the configured PCs. This means that you find out where a particular program physically lies in the system, and most importantly whether it is being used at all. 

This then clarifies how many licenses are really needed for each application – also preventing over-licensing and under-licensing – and which programs can be uninstalled from which PCs, preferably automatically with baramundi Deploy. 

In contrast to baramundi Inventory, which creates a snapshot of the inventory data, baramundi AUT collects the inventory data during a defined period. The administrator of baramundi AUT then receives an overview of the usage level of the software. From the total number of unused software applications, baramundi AUT works out the savings potential in euros at the same time. 

Importance of Data Protection

baramundi AUT naturally meets all data protection regulations; the users are not transparent, but the system is. baramundi logs AUT data only on the PCs configured for this purpose and only if the baramundi AUT administrator responsible has authorized this. This ensures that in sensitive environments, no AUT data is logged. The sophisticated baramundi AUT rights system also defines exactly who can collect or read what data.

How Does baramundi AUT Ensure Complete Data and User Protection?

baramundi AUT only records data for those applications that have been explicitly defined for this purpose and also enables individual clients to be excluded from the AUT data capture. To allow data to be recorded on a client or entered in the database, an AUT license must be entered on the baramundi Server. 

In the baramundi Management Suite, the AUT configuration has been assigned its own baramundi right. This clearly regulates who can switch AUT on or off. A baramundi right is also assigned to the AUT evaluation, which clearly states who is allowed to view AUT data for which clients and/or applications. 

To ensure employees and their software usage cannot be tracked online, baramundi AUT records the time at which a software application configured for AUT was last used. If this time is less than 3 days ago, the time of use cannot be seen. 

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