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Features Personal Backup

Effective backup of personal files and settings

baramundi Personal Backup relieves you of the stress of worrying about accidentally deleted or overwritten documents and ensures that your previous settings are quickly available again. Even on a computer on which everything has been reinstalled.

Use baramundi Personal Backup to back up your data and free up your time for truly productive work. You can conveniently save all user data, e.g. Office documents, together with settings like personal preferences in the applications.

Restoring Personal Files

baramundi Personal Backup regularly backs up your documents, files and settings. Whenever necessary you can then restore precisely the version you need. And following a reinstallation with baramundi OS-Install, baramundi Personal Backup automatically restores the backed up files and settings.

Simple Management

You define what, where and how backups are performed by setting up backup templates that are easy to manage and expand. We provide a set of templates with the software, which you can then build upon.

All tasks for backup and restoration are controlled centrally via the job control features of the baramundi Management Suite. Here you define the validity period and frequency, user interactions and much more.

New Installation and Reinstallation

Avoid time-consuming error searches when software problems occur and instead simply reinstall the software on the computer concerned - with just a few clicks of the mouse, in full and entirely automatically. baramundi OS-Install, baramundi Deploy and baramundi Patch Management perform this task readily and reliably. baramundi Personal Backup also restores your backed up files and settings automatically and easily.

Would you like to back up the entire system? Then we recommend » baramundi Disaster Recovery.


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