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Do you have to tackle the complexities of a dispersed workforce?

Many companies are struggling with the new normal, while others embrace the flexibility of working remotely.
Machines that used to be well protected on the corporate network are now residing on the employee’s kitchen table. They are out in the open only protected by your ISPs routers but hold the same amount of sensitive corporate data.

Managing endpoints can be complex and time-consuming

Endpoint Management Made Easy

In times of overloaded public networks & frequent VPN connectivity issues, legacy tools often struggle to reach and maintain endpoints.

Up-to-date with Compliance Rules

Enforcing corporate compliance rules and simple tasks – such as deploying updates and security patches – can turn into an unforeseen challenge.

Convenient Patch Management

Sysadmins are currently often updating remote endpoints via native Windows update tools offering little to none feedback and visibility.

We Make IT Easy:
With the baramundi Jump-Start Package

Request the Jump-Start Package

  • Full version of the bMS for 4 months
  • 1 day free remote consulting
  • Maintenance and support included
  • Full transparency: no contractual obligation

The IT Jump-Start Package

  • Immediately available: Start managing your endpoints within a day
  • Remote support: A baramundi expert gets you set up and configured remotely
  • Comprehensive module package: Use the full, unlimited capabilities of the bMS
  • No VPN required: Secure IT management & cloud-based status monitoring
  • Security: Preconfigured & customized OS installation & automated patch management
  • Excellent support: Our expert support team is available online when you need them

Do more with less

No matter the size of your IT team, automation lets you  get more done more quickly. baramundi Automation Studio handles routine and repetitive tasks and frees time for priority projects.

Easy setup and operation

With InventoryDeploy and OS-Install modules, setup is completed within 2 hours. All tasks are managed through with one intuitive, consistent interface that’s easy to learn, easy to master.

Control your mobile devices

baramundi Mobile Device Management keeps BYOD & COPE users safe and secures company data with separate work and personal profiles.

Maintain security & performance

Our automated Patch Management & Vulnerability Scanner give you a real-time overview and full control over all installed Microsoft and 3rd-party apps.

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