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Are your data and users safe?

Reliable Endpoint Protection as Part of Your IT Security Strategy

Customer, financial and operational data is the lifeblood of any company. Keeping it secured from damage, loss or unauthorized access is critical.

Without proper data and endpoint protection, you place your employees, customers and the very viability of your organization in jeopardy.

Data Encryption: Endpoint Protection by baramundi

Data encryption

A safeguard against data loss and theft

  • Secure all endpoint data storage with encryption to minimize exposures caused by data theft and stolen or lost devices.
  • Centrally activate, pause and configure data encryption for all network endpoints. 
  • Get an at-a-glance overview of each endpoint’s encryption status and have all recovery keys and unlock passwords securely and readily available when needed.
Malware Protection: Endpoint Protection by baramundi

Malware Protection

Guard against malware with Microsoft Defender Antivirus

  • Secure your Windows systems with one of the leading anti-virus solutions.
  • Centrally managed, you get a comprehensive view of endpoint protection status and detected threats.
  • As a native Windows solution, Defender Antivirus works reliably and smoothly with all popular applications.
Vulnerability Scan: Endpoint Protection by baramundi

Vulnerability scan

Discover and fix vulnerabilities before they become a problem

  • Immediately identify applications on your network with known, unpatched vulnerabilities. 
  • View recommendations on how to close security gaps quickly.
  • Spot vulnerabilities before cybercriminals can exploit them.
Update Management: More IT Security through a Secure OS

Update Management

Make applications and OS more secure easily & quickly

  • Automatically patch software to close security gaps. 
  • Flexibly define when and how missing patches are installed - selectively, comprehensively or in batches.
  • Install updates in the background or after-hours to minimize user disruption.
Device Control/Interface Control for better IT Security

Device Control | Interface Control

Control data transfers between storage devices and end devices

  • Define Allowlists to ensure that only authorized devices can access sensitive data.
  • Manage access rights centrally, then assign them to individuals or groups of users.
  • Every data transfer can be tracked and recorded for forensic analysis or reporting. 
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Your advantages with Endpoint Protection by baramundi

Automated vulnerability detection and remediation

Reliable management of antivirus protection and disk encryption

Comprehensive data protection incl. backup and recovery

Clear security and compliance rules that apply to everyone

Auditable access control

Discreet and unobtrusive patch and update management

The Ideal Module Package for Endpoint Protection

baramundi Vulnerability Scanner
baramundi Vulnerability Scanner

Detect existing vulnerabilities automatically

baramundi Defense Control
baramundi Defense Control

Block unauthorized access and control native Microsoft tools like Bitlocker and Defender Antivirus

baramundi Patch Management
baramundi Update Management

Detailed management and deployment of Windows updates

baramundi Managed Software
baramundi Managed Software

Configure and deploy updates for all common 3rd party applications as well as specialized and custom software packages

baramundi Disaster Recovery
baramundi Disaster Recovery

Back up entire partitions on the fly and easily restore systems to a defined state

baramundi Personal Backup
baramundi Personal Backup

Back up users' personal settings and data and restore them at the touch of a button

baramundi Mobile Devices
baramundi Mobile Devices

Manage and secure all your Android and iOS devices, enforce security rules consistently and enable secure and flexible use of BYOD, COPE, COSU, COBO and other configurations across all mobile devices and platforms

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