IT Security

IT Security

IT Security

Custom Security! - Endpoint Security on all Devices

Initial Situation

Data is an important asset for every company. It should not be damaged, lost, or fall into the wrong hands. There are, however, many potential threats: negligence on the part of employees, malware, industrial espionage, or even data theft. 

The data in need of protection is located on various storage media, is transferred through the network, accessed by mobile devices, and downloaded and taken away on notebooks or USB flash drives. As IT manager, you must: 

  • Secure all devices
  • Implement uniform security rules on all devices and platforms
  • Identify vulnerabilities and any violations of company rules
  • Ensure that regular backups are created, without restricting users’ work
  • Patch operating systems and applications reliably
  • Prevent unauthorized copies of data being made

Avoid using firewalls and virus scanners without an integrated concept.

Our Recommendation

Use baramundi Management Suite to achieve a high level of endpoint security. Implement uniform security policies on endpoints, whether smartphones, PCs, or Servers. Identify missing updates and patches, automatically close gaps, and ensure device secure configuration. Determine what data and files need protection and which employees are allowed to access them.

The Result

With the baramundi Management Suite, you can ensure:


  • Clear rules that apply for everyone 
  • Protected end points and data
  • Up-to-date status and reliable vulnerability mangement
  • Protection against unknown applications
  • planned data backup and restore 
  • Backups of personal settings and files 

Implement your security concept and guarantee a high level of endpoint security on your end devices.