baramundi Deploy

baramundi Deploy

Automated and Flexible Software Deployment

The real work begins for many administrators when the operating system has been installed and a flood of applications then need to be installed and patched. The situation is completely different with the baramundi Management Suite. Just a few clicks are enough to set up a computer with all the software chosen by the company.
You can automatically and securely deploy almost all software – even applications for which automation was not intended by the vendor. This is done using a wide range of methods and with the support of helpful wizards.

Benefits for You

  • Simple job creation and comprehensive job control
  • Direct job status information for individual or all jobs
  • Installations run unobtrusively in the background
  • High level of flexibility regarding software deployment thanks to freely selectable installation mechanisms
  • Seamlessly integrated license management
  • End users can be involved if necessary

Try it Out!

Find out whether baramundi Deploy can help you and request a free 30-day fully functional trial version.
We’ll happily demonstrate to you in person in your company how you can make the most of working with the baramundi Management Suite and how baramundi Deploy could help you to deploy applications quickly and securely.

baramundi Deploy in Detail

Freely Define Installations

How do you prefer to work? In express mode with an intelligent wizard that makes your applications deployable with just a few clicks of the mouse? Or do you prefer to select each option yourself? baramundi Deploy gives you the freedom to choose with its various software deployment tools. You can also combine applications to form functional bundles, and can also define technical dependencies between the applications.

Use the Freedom – Involve Users

You can decide whether you prefer to install the software natively with the original set-ups or to choose an alternative method. And you decide how users are involved. You can inform users about running installations, or you can execute them invisibly in the background. You can give users a say in the timing of installation and allow them to shift it within a time frame you define. With the integrated self-service portal, you can make software available so that your users can easily download it when they need it.
You have a full overview of the current status during all processes. You can see what has already been installed, what is still pending, where any errors have occurred, and what the consequences are. And uninstalling software – no matter how it ended up on a computer – is just as easy as installing it. For example, you can remove unwanted software that users have installed on their work computer without permission.

Drag-and-Drop Scripting Language

baramundi has developed its own scripting language that allows you to easily create and edit your processes using drag and drop. Typical administration tasks can be set up in the baramundi Management Suite in a matter of minutes.
The powerful scripting language is included in the baramundi Automation Studio and is available to you as a single-user license with baramundi Deploy.

Define Once – Use Repeatedly

The more you work with the baramundi Management Suite, the more you will benefit from its reusability. With baramundi Deploy you can also reuse components and tasks again and again once they have been initially defined.