Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Enterprise Mobility Management

Integrate Tablets and Smartphones into your IT Environment

The Challenge

More and more employees are using tablets and smartphones at work. While PCs and notebooks are well-integrated into the IT infrastructure, intelligent mobile endpoints have to be configured by hand, or depend on the level of commitment and knowledge of the user. In addition, company networks are being accessed increasingly from outside, and more and more company data is being stored on these mobile endpoints. 

It is therefore necessary to ensure that mobile end devices:

  • Can be managed securely, efficiently and reliably 
  • Are integrated into the IT infrastructure in the same way as your servers, PCs, and notebooks
  • Can only load applications that do not compromise the security of your IT
  • Can be remotely wiped if they are lost or stolen

The Solution

You can register your mobile endpoints in the baramundi Management Suite either by using a QR code or by registering them through the device manufacturer’s device enrollment program when you order them. The devices will be automatically cataloged.

Once the devices have been integrated into the mobile device management (MDM), you can define the security rules and track adherence to them via the compliance dashboard.

Not only can you specify rules for passwords, you can also lock cameras, or the use of certain apps, if needed, or even block the entire app store. You can detect remote jailbreaks or rooted devices, and, where necessary, respond automatically to any violations. If an employee has forgotten their PIN, you can easily unlock the device concerned via the baramundi Management Suite. You can remotely lock or wipe stolen or lost devices.

You can also automate configuration of the devices as a job in the baramundi Management Suite, specifying everything from e-mail account to VPN access. You can manage the applications on the devices in the same way with mobile application management (MAM).

Just a few mouseclicks will supply new devices with pre-defined defaults, and securely delete devices at the end of their lifecycle before they are removed from your infrastructure.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) unifies mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), and mobile content management (MCM) solutions in such a way that the baramundi Management Suite can operate with appropriate apps to enable, simplify and secure the mobility experience for administrators, users, and other employees in specialist departments. 

Our Recommendation

Use the baramundi Management Suite to manage your IT infrastructure and extend it to include the baramundi Mobile Devices and baramundi Mobile Devices Premium module. 

Improve security and efficiency with:

  • Automatic mobile device inventories
  • Consistent security policies
  • Authorized app limitations
  • Automated device configuration
  • Lost device locking and wiping