IT Compliance

Set and enforce standards


IT Compliance

Among the most demanding responsibilities of an IT admin are information security, infrastructure availability, and reliable retention and protection of corporate data. Best practices require transparency and consistency.

Without policies and standards for system configurations on the various devices typically used on company networks, security vulnerabilities become more likely, harder to detect and difficult to fix. That makes setting and enforcing consistent rules and essential for achieving IT compliance. baramundi Management Suite provides the right combination of UEM tools to help ensure transparent and continuous compliance.

IT Compliance: Endpoint Inventarisierung


Overview and practical reporting

  • All managed devices are visible and verifiable. 
  • All software and associated licenses are documented and up to date.
  • Automatically generated reports keep you informed about key metrics.
IT Compliance: Update Management und Software aktuell halten

Update Management

Detect vulnerabilities, keep software up to date

  • Automatically detect known software vulnerabilities. 
  • Document current and historical Windows Update status.
  • Easily keep third-party software up-to-date with pre-packaged updates.
  • Non-compliant systems are automatically reported. 
  • Continuously update antivirus definitions on all devices and immediately report any deviations or detected malware.
IT Compliance: Mobile Devices verwalten

Mobile Devices

Keep a leash on mobile devices

  • Maintain mobile device configurations and security settings consistent with PCs and notebooks. 
  • Reliable native data separation prevents users’ personal apps from accessing corporate data by and keeps private apps and data inaccessible to IT in compliance with GDPR regulations.
  • Control and restrict data collection by apps and services including voice assistants or location tracking. 
  • Automatic alerts of any jailbreak/root attempts.
IT Compliance: Lizenzen verwalten dank Lizenzmanagement

License Management

Centralized control of software license compliance and costs

  • Easily manage software costs with reliable tracking of over- or under-licensing.
  • Fully transparent documentation of compliance status.
  • Automated real-time software inventory enables clear, on-demand reporting.
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Advantages with IT Compliance Management by baramundi

Save time with automated data collection from all network endpoints

Set and enforce configuration standards on all devices

Automated scanning ensures that security and compliance requirements are met at all times

Reliable, GDPR-compliant protection of company data and user privacy

The ideal module package for your IT Compliance management

baramundi Inventory und Network Devices
baramundi Inventory

Automatically maintain real-time inventory of hardware and software.

baramundi License Management: umfassendes Lizenzmanagement
baramundi License Management

Quickly create clear and concise reports showing current software installations and available licenses.

baramundi Vulnerability Scanner
baramundi Vulnerability Scanner

Automatically detect software and configuration vulnerabilities.

baramundi Patch Management
baramundi Update Management

Document Windows Update status and deploy needed updates.

baramundi Managed Software
baramundi Managed Software

View update status and update 3rd party applications

baramundi Mobile Devices
baramundi Mobile Devices

Mobile device management using consistent policies and practices for all endpoints.

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