IT Compliance

IT Compliance

Automated IT Compliance

Guarantee Security and Implement Correct Licensing Throughout the Company

The Challenge

IT compliance is an important task when managing IT environments. However, it is practically impossible in larger IT environments, unless you have an automated tool to help you. The number of security gaps that need to be continuously checked on all computers is growing. You soon lose sight of whether all software products on all devices have valid licenses. You must:

  • Detect vulnerabilities and respond to them in order to protect your data from attack 
  • Monitor the correct licensing of software used in order to ensure you are legally compliant.
  • Prepare for licensing audits conducted by the software vendor

The Solution

One of the core elements here is the baramundi Vulnerability Scanner module. It regularly checks endpoints for vulnerabilities in the operating system and applications. Any security gaps identified are displayed clearly on a dashboard along with the associated degree of risk of the vulnerability in question. This allows you to systematically navigate to the most dangerous or most frequented vulnerabilities and eliminate them first.

In addition, the Vulnerability Scanner will also determine whether required security standards are being met on all computers. For example, you can use it to see if all devices have defaults set for a secure password, such as length, choice of characters, and regular password changes. If necessary, you can change the defaults and check how successful they are.

Use baramundi Patch Management to install updates for Microsoft products from a central point. Use baramundi Managed Software to close security gaps in software products from other vendors – e.g. Java, Google Chrome or Adobe Reader. This will ensure you always have up-to-date and tested software packages for numerous standard applications immediately available and ready for deployment. The baramundi Management Suite will inform you whether the installation of security-critical updates and patches was successful, and whether all endpoints are secure, permitting you to keep an eye on and record the current patch situation in your IT environment.

Use the baramundi License Management module to manage your licenses. It accesses data about the installed hardware and software contained in baramundi Inventory, and uses it as a basis to check whether it matches the actual status of purchased licenses. If licenses are missing, you can take immediate steps in the baramundi Management Suite to restore the correct level of licensing.

Use baramundi Deploy if you wish to uninstall a product from individual clients. You can use baramundi AUT, to see if there are any unused but costly software licenses on computers that can be removed without affecting ongoing operations. The module records the use of individual applications on computers in the company while complying with data protection regulations.

baramundi Mobile Devices shows you breaches of company and security policies on mobile devices such as unwanted apps or jailbreaks on a clear dashboard. This enables you to ensure secure device configuration, devices, predefine password rules, and wipe lost devices remotely.

Our Recommendation

The baramundi Management Suite provides automated, efficient and transparent compliance management using the following modules.

The Result

You can easily ensure IT compliance and enforce policies throughout the organization. You can achieve:

  • Clear rules that apply to everyone
  • Up-to-date systems offering very little scope for attack by malware
  • Sound, cost-efficient licensing
  • Secure configurations

Use the opportunities provided by the baramundi Management Suite to make your company compliant.