Digital Employee Experience Management

From infrastructure to user feedback: Digital Employee Experience as an IT success factor

The way we work has changed considerably in recent years. In particular, the increasing importance of home and mobile work presents companies with new challenges. In addition, the shift from on-premises to cloud-based and hybrid computing has increased IT management complexity. In both respects, secure and reliable IT infrastructure is required to ensure satisfied and productive employees and reduce IT support workloads, especially for avoidable endpoint performance issues.


What is Digital Employee Experience (DEX) management?

Digital Employee Experience management (DEX), also called End User Experience Management (EUEM), encompasses all employee computing experiences and digital interactions in a business context. DEX focuses on making the use of technology at work as efficient, pleasant and productive as possible.

The DEX options in detail

Identify problematic hardware at an early stage

  • Detect and eliminate compatibility and performance issues 
  • Monitor device batteries and proactively replace aging units 
  • Specify hardware purchases to match software and usage requirements 

Spot and resolve software performance issues 

  • Identify and resolve common software hangs and crashes to reduce their frequency and impact on end users 
  • Continuously analyze endpoint performance to minimize latency and downtime 
  • Identify and proactively address lengthy boot times or application start-ups 

Incorporate End User Feedback  

  • Rethink support to shift from reactive ticket processing to proactive incident management 
  • Consistently capture end user feedback 
  • Compare collected feedback with technical performance data

Visualization: DEX metrics at a glance

  • Use clear dashboards to visualize experience metrics 
  • Apply comparative benchmarks to assess performance and compliance status 
  • Review historical technical and feedback data to analyze trends 

Why it's worth implementing DEX!

Increase efficiency: Proactive incident management frees IT admins for strategic projects

Improve end user satisfaction: Reduce the volume of support tickets

Optimize performance & stability: Ensure employee productivity regardless of work location

Reduce costs: Purchase new hardware based on need instead of set time intervals

Boost sustainability: Avoid overbuying and extend hardware replacement cycles

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Identify performance and stability problems at an early stage and resolve them before they affect employee satisfaction and productivity.

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