Software Distribution

Implement roll-outs error-free with minimal effort

Save time and money - deploy software automatically

Whether it’s a small patch or a completely new installation of the operating system, once the network has reached a certain size, even the smallest changes take a lot of time when done manually.

Those two examples provide more than enough reason to find a better solution. It’s more than a case of the immense amount of time required. You also have to worry about errors, exceptions and overall performance. How do you get feedback? Who is authorized to make software changes, and how does a roll-out affect the end-user experience?

UEM: Transparenz durch Inventarisierung und Lizenzmanagement

Inventory & set up

Know what is and what is not

  • Clearly record the status of endpoint hardware and software
  • Easily record new and existing devices and spot unauthorized endpoints
  • See current software and firmware versions at a glance

Application Usage Tracking and Licensing

Document and distribute licenses accurately

  • Determine application usage levels
  • Efficient, low-stress audits thanks to clear documentation of license usage
  • Manage costs by avoiding over- or under-licensing


Install software comprehensively and transparently

  • Automate virtually any software installation with easy drag & drop scripting
  • See exactly how, when and if installations completed successfully
  • Install software unobtrusively in background or overnight without bothering users.

Security & Compliance

Deploy updates promptly, automatically and reliably

  • Comply with IT security guidelines using device security profiles
  • Control which programs users can install or launch without authorization
  • Automatically find security gaps with automated vulnerability scanning
  • Automate OS updates with immediate results reporting (Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android, including applications)
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Your advantages with automated software deployment from baramundi

Automated & customizable installation of any software on any number of computers

Comprehensive overview of all licenses

Complete control over all installed programs

Automated software maintenance

The ideal module package for reliable roll-outs

baramundi Deploy
baramundi Deploy

Automate software installations on any device with the same precision and control as if done manually.

Umfassende IT-Inventarisierung mit baramundi Inventory
baramundi Inventory

See precisely which hardware, firmware and software versions are in use.

baramundi License Management
baramundi License Management

Easily update and maintain accurate software licensing data.

baramundi AUT
baramundi AUT

Determine software usage and identify little or unused applications to save license costs

baramundi Patch Management
baramundi Update Management

Test and install Windows updates promptly.

baramundi Managed Software
baramundi Managed Software

Deploy patches and updates for all 3rd-party applications.

baramundi Mobile Devices
baramundi Mobile Devices

Enroll and manage mobile devices using IT and security practices consistent with existing endpoint management policies

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