Software Distribution

Software Distribution

Software Distribution

Reduce Time and Costs Through Automated Software Distribution

The Challenge

On the one hand, you use software that you have defined as standard for your company. This software runs on every computer and must always be kept up-to-date. On the other hand, some users need special applications that also need updates and patches. Then there is the issue of security. Should just anybody be able to install and execute any program that they like in the network? To counteract this, you send your IT experts from department to department and from PC to PC for every initial installation, every update, and every patch. Or alternatively you take care of things with scripts that you create yourself and which may be fast, but are inflexible and do not take users into account.

You wish to save time and resources for recurring tasks. Software distribution takes up a significant chunk of your administrators’ time. You would like a solution that will:

  • Execute initial installation completely automatically
  • Control configuration and maintenance on the computer
  • Minimize the effort required
  • Guarantee reliable and secure operation 
  • Prevent the installation of unauthorized software

The Solution

The clear interface of the baramundi Management Suite allows you to specify what software should be distributed to which computer and in which order. Technical dependencies are, of course, taken into consideration during this process. You can thus populate the computers of an entire department with just a few mouseclicks. 

baramundi Deploy then executes the job exactly when you wish it to, for example, overnight. You can also give users the right to postpone jobs, and hence software distribution. This allows installation to be performed securely whilst not interrupting users when carrying out important work. You can also install patches for Microsoft programs securely and automatically using baramundi Patch Management. Applications and patches from third-party vendors are available in baramundi Managed Software.

baramundi Inventory will give you a current overview of installed software at any time. You will therefore always be aware of your current licensing and can avoid expensive under-/overlicensing. If you find any unwanted software on a computer in the network, it can be automatically removed with baramundi Deploy. Use baramundi AUT to manage your licenses even more precisely. AUT checks software to see if it is actually used. In this way, you can uninstall unused software through baramundi Deploy and save on licenses. baramundi AUT meets all GDPR requirements.

Use the  baramundi Smart AppProtect powered by DriveLock module to prevent users from installing or running programs themselves. 

Our Recommendation

You can transfer software distribution and maintenance to the baramundi Management Suite with the following modules:

The Result

In just a few steps, you have created a controlled environment for the installation and maintenance of your software with:


  • The automated installation of all software on as many computers as you like
  • The automated maintenance of installed software
  • An overview of all licenses
  • Control over installed programs
  • The management of rights for the execution of programs

Establish transparent and verifiable standards, and significantly reduce the amount of work required for software management.