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Keeping the mobile device circus under control

Integrate Mobile Devices with Enterprise Mobility Management

The number of mobile devices in companies is growing steadily with tablets, smartphones or mobile POS systems now an integral part of everyday working life.

While PCs and notebooks are well integrated into IT management, mobile devices are often still configured manually or using limited-function utilities. IT administrators are turning to modern Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to simplify and improve mobile device control and security.


What is EMM and what does it have to do with MDM?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is the term for the comprehensive management of mobile devices in the company. EMM therefore includes not only the hardware side of Mobile Device Management (MDM) but also the software side in the form of Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM). Admins can thus manage all aspects of their mobile devices with just one application.

EMM & MDM: Initial Setup

Inventory & Initial Setup

No chance for Shadow IT – secure management for all devices

  • Record details of all mobile devices in use including hardware, OSes, and apps
  • Easily integrate new and existing devices into IT management 
  • Configure devices even before the devices are shipped from the dealer
  • Quickly and easily provision new devices
EMM & MDM Deployment

Deployment during Ongoing Operation

Software distribution during ongoing operation

  • Distribute configuration profiles for WiFi, email, etc. uniformly across all platforms.
  • Procure licenses centrally and distribute managed apps
  • Straightforward distribution of security patches and OS updates without disrupting users.
Mobile Device Management: Security and Compliance

Security & Compliance

Reliable guideline enforcement

  • Ensure compliance with IT security policies with flexible security profiles.
  • Detect compliance violations immediately and address automatically if necessary.
  • Lock lost or stolen devices and wipe all sensitive data.
Enterprise Mobility Management: EU-GDPR compliance

EU-GDPR Compliance

Data protection beyond doubt

  • Cleanly and securely separate personal and business data on users’ devices
  • Prevent access to sensitive corporate data by users' personal apps.
  • Prevent IT staff from viewing or changing users’ personal apps and data.
Mobile Device Management: zweckbestimmte Geräte

Dedicated Devices

Making smart devices universal

  • Restrict mobile devices for dedicated use cases
  • Turn mobile devices into handheld multi-user POS, warehouse scanners, product configurators, etc.
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Advantages with baramundi Mobile Device Management

Fast, automated setup 

Network transparency with automatic detection of all mobile devices

Improve security with compliance rules and device profiles

Easily separate corporate and users’ personal data and applications


Automated backup of corporate and user data


Enables reliable BYOD, COPE and COSU usage

MDM and EMM module options

 baramundi Mobile Device Management
baramundi Mobile Device Management

Easily manage mobile devices just as you do classic PC and notebook clients.

baramundi Mobile Device Management Premium

Full-featured module supporting Apple Automatic Device Enrollment (formerly DEP) or Android Enterprise, secure and private native separation on BYOD/COPE devices, and great out-of-the-box user experiences.

Which modules fit your company?

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