Windows Migration

Windows Migration

Automated and Trouble-Free Windows Migration

The Challenge

It’s not easy for companies to change the operating system on the PCs they use: processes and applications have to be adjusted, and workarounds have to be implemented. Nevertheless, at some point, every version of Windows reaches the end of its life and Microsoft stops supplying patches. So how do you migrate your established IT system to a current version of Windows? Manual migration entails a lot of work and is risky. Why don’t you do it the same way as many other small and large companies have done before? 

  • Ensure secure, planned and stress-free migration
  • Maintain hardware and software compatibility
  • No loss of user data and program settings 

The Solution

Ensure the necessary level of transparency beforehand by using baramundi Inventory. Which software installations and devices could have problems with the new version, and how can these be solved? Programs may have to be adapted, or a device replaced. This allows you to purchase the required licenses and perhaps even save on others. Back up user-defined settings and security guidelines and plan a test run to identify any errors or gaps in planning.

Once you have everything ready, you can start automated migration with the baramundi Management Suite. During migration, you can already train users on how to use the new system. The new operating system and applications are installed automatically and in the original setup quality. At the same time, you have created the basis for an efficient, low-cost, and secure IT management solution with the baramundi Management Suite.

Migrations to Windows 11 are rare but still large projects. In comparison, upgrades within Windows versions are simpler, but must in turn be performed more often. The baramundi Management Suite provides tried-and-tested mechanisms for both scenarios.

Our Recommendation

Instead of performing the conversion manually or combining several automated mechanisms, use the baramundi Management Suite for a fully automatic migration. In particular, use the following modules:

The Result

In just a few steps, you have created a controlled environment for the installation and maintenance of your software with:

  • Automated software distribution to as many computers as desired
  • Automated maintenance of the installed software
  • Control over installed programs
  • The management of rights for the execution of programs

Establish transparent and verifiable standards, and significantly reduce the effort required for software management.

Which modules fit your company?

We will be happy to advise you on the ideal module combination for your company.

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