Simple Integration Thanks to the baramundi Interfaces

Expand your IT capabilities with powerful components from the baramundi Management Suite. Thanks to its many open interfaces, different systems and solutions can easily connect to Endpoint Management. Automate desired sequences individually and adapt them to fit your company’s needs. Use our REST-based web service to allocate and control jobs. The web service also allows you to access lists of the software you use and all the devices you manage, as well as their features. Benefit from increased efficiency through the targeted integration of your license management software, your helpdesks, and your incident management and work flow systems.

Our baramundi Inventory module helps you to do just this. The module gathers any data you need from the network. This data is then made available to the relevant applications through the interfaces. Use Microsoft Office functions with the baramundi interfaces to access the data you need. If you wish to find out what additional functions and connections baramundi interfaces can offer you, then visit our user forum!

baramundi recommendation: use our REST-based web service as an interface. As a standardized solution, it can be easily integrated into all common programming languages and into Microsoft Office using modern security standards. You can also automate any desired baramundi Management Suite actions using the Powershell and Commandline Interface (CLI).

Advantages of Our Interfaces

Advantages of Our Interfaces

  • Standard-compliant XML and JSON web services
  • Automation across all common languages
  • Constantly growing number of existing connections




With “bConnect”, the baramundi Management Suite gives you a modern HTTPS-based REST interface that supports JSON and XML data formats. You benefit from authentication of the endpoint through access data, a secure connection via Secure Socket Layer (SSL), as well as from the associated server-based authentication.


Excel Export

You can process baramundi Management Center list views with adjustable columns in Excel. By using suitable Excel scripts, you can easily transfer the desired information to the baramundi Management Suite.



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