Operating System Installation

Operating System Installation

Operating System Installation

Automated Operating System Installation: Reduce Time and Costs

The Challenge

The more IT devices that are used in the company, the higher the costs for commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning, which could be caused by: 

  • Employees have to spend their valuable time on routine, tedious tasks
  • Error rates increase 
  • The level of transparency in complex infrastructures decreases
  • Hundreds of drivers and technical properties have to be considered when an operating system is installed 
  • Employees have to keep up with multiple, high-priority tasks such as the installation of patches

The Solution


Choose baramundi OS-Install or baramundi OS-Cloning to install operating systems. The difference? With baramundi OS-Cloning you copy an image to the computer.

This process is particularly well suited for installations on computers with identical purposes – e.g. cash register systems – or to reset training computers to a defined start point. Despite image-based distribution, it is possible to make adjustments to drivers and to customize the installation.

With baramundi OS-Install, you set up each computer individually, as if you had installed the operating system manually. As the installation is automated, you can set multiple computers to run simultaneously, or simply leave the process to run overnight as an unattended installation.

Applications are installed on the computer with baramundi Deploy. You can determine which software installations are to take place for each computer, and can also define a required installation sequence if necessary.

Work can then start once the operating system and the necessary applications have been installed.

Both the operating system and the installed applications must be supplied with patches and updates regularly and in good time, but selecting and installing them manually requires a great deal of time, manpower and money. You can save all this in future by allowing baramundi Update Management to update your Microsoft software. Patching of third party applications like Adobe Acrobat Reader is performed by baramundi Managed Software.

Our Recommendation

Automating these processes permits you to use resources more effectively and efficiently and keep track of them. Instead of trying to tackle each task with time, tools and willpower, you can combine the strengths of the baramundi modules to install your operating systems:

The Result

baramundi modules enable you to automate recurring processes such as

  • Setting up new notebooks and PCs
  • Installating multiple systems in one go
  • Resetting training computers
  • Distributing software
  • Managing updates for operating systems and third party applications

You can combine the individual tasks into jobs, and launch new operating system installations and maintenance tasks straight away with a mouseclick or automatically. You also take users into consideration in this process – if you wish, users can reschedule automated tasks to run at another time, or freely select and launch installations. 

Free your IT team from routine jobs and gain more time for productive tasks.

Which modules fit your company?

We will be happy to advise you on the ideal module combination for your company.

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