Automated and continuous network transparency

Aware and in control with automated inventory

Do you still know your way around your own network?

A continuously growing and changing base of hardware, software and other assets makes maintaining IT awareness and control a serious challenge. 
Inadequate or outdated information results in unneeded repurchases, inaccurate planning data, tedious troubleshooting due to unknown dependencies, and increased risks from shadow IT.

Transparency through inventory of endpoints


Automated inventory for network transparency and easy reporting

  • Maintain a current overview of all managed devices and detect unauthorized assets. 
  • Capture detailed data on all installed software and associated licenses.
  • Quickly create and customize clear and current reports on all important KPIs. 
Inventory: automated end device detection through network scan

Network Scan

Transparency through automated endpoint detection and network visualization

  • Automatically discover and document network devices.
  • Capture all device properties and refine views with filters , e.g., firmware version, installed OS, configuration details, etc.
  • Quickly produce easy-to-understand network topology maps to identify dependencies and sources of errors.
Inventory: Application Usage Tracking

Application Usage Tracking

Detect unused applications and optimize licensing costs

  • Identify which applications are used frequently and which are rarely launched.
  • Track DSGVO compliance to check employee adoption of new software.
  • Optimize license utilization and costs by uninstalling unused software.
Inventory: Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management

Deploy and manage mobile devices centrally

  • Configure and manage all mobile devices accessing the corporate network.
  • Define and enforce consistent security policies for all form factors.
  • Counter shadow IT by enabling BYOD, COPE, or COSU devices with clear separation of private and corporate data.
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Advantages with baramundi Inventory

Fully automatic data collection for all network endpoints

Comprehensive and detailed information on all components, driver versions, etc.

Simple data sharing with other applications (e.g. helpdesk software)


Powerful software license management features with GDPR compliance to protect user privacy

The ideal module combination for IT awareness and control

baramundi Inventory and Network Devices
baramundi Inventory | Network Devices

baramundi Inventory: Quickly and completely inventory your hardware and software




baramundi Network Devices: Automatically capture details of all SNMP-enabled network devices and easily visualize network infrastructure with topology mapping

baramundi AUT
baramundi AUT

Identify seldom used or unused applications to save licensing costs 

baramundi Mobile Devices
baramundi Mobile Devices

Deploy, document and manage mobile devices using familiar and consistent endpoint management processes

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