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baramundi Management Suite


baramundi Management Suite

The Most Important Points at a Glance - baramundi Management Suite

The Most Important Points at a Glance

  • Management of all endpoints in your company
  • Safeguarding and protecting your end devices
  • Automation of routine tasks
  • User-friendly and specially adapted to administrators’ requirements

The baramundi Management Suite explained briefly

IT administrators face mounting and increasingly complex workloads to manage a growing range of devices, ensure seamless access for mobile always- on workforces, integrate IoT endpoints, and counter sophisticated cybersecurity threats. A key success factor is to automate routine tasks such as installation, distribution, inventory, protection, and backup. baramundi Management Suite enables you to easily automate time-consuming routine jobs that were previously performed manually. At the same time, you can manage the entire lifecycle of all endpoints from classic Windows clients to mobile devices in small companies as well as in global organizations. baramundi Management Suite frees up time for new projects, optimizes IT workloads, and reduces costs.

Be in Control When it Comes to Your Endpoints


Best of all, the baramundi Management Suite is a modular system. You can combine our modules to suit your requirements and budget.

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Advantages of the baramundi Management Suite

Regardless of whether you are an IT administrator looking for an innovative, efficient, and comprehensive system for endpoint management, or a decision- maker thinking about security and cost optimization, baramundi Management Suite has something for everyone.


The baramundi Management Suite is secure, quickly installed, and easy to operate thanks to its uniform, intuitive interface. You can obtain an overview of the status of the entire network at the push of a button and create meaninful  5reports just as easily. A flexible self- service function for end-user installation of approved software configurations also eases IT staff workloads. To ensure secure operations, a role-based security model within baramundi Management Suite controls access to endpoints and software optimally and reliably. You also can rely on baramundi’s renowned expert support when questions arise.


The baramundi Management Suite helps you comply with German and European data-protection rules in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). Automating data protection processes increases IT security, reduces errors, and lowers costs. For planning, budgeting and scalability, baramundi Management Suite is licensed individually for each device and you only pay for the modules that you need.


Consistent and centralized management and intuitive operation benefit IT staff and users alike. The baramundi Kiosk lets you offer user self-service for installing required, approved applications around the clock. User support also is fast and thorough since administrators can connect via Remote Desktop in just a few clicks.

The numerous automation functions in baramundi Management Suite give administrators more time for planning, user queries and support while maintaining data-protection and privacy compliance.

Made in Germany

A one-stop solution from a German vendor


Flexible and future-proof thanks to modular software


Whether Windows, iOS or Android - manage all endpoints with one interface


Comprehensive overview of your IT infrastructure


Fast and easy implementation and intuitive operation


Efficient optimization of IT security

Modules of the Management Suite

Key advantages of the baramundi Management Suite are its modular design and flexible deployment scenarios. It allows you to put together your own solution according to your individual requirements and to expand your selection of modules at any time depending on your needs.

Supported Platforms

Module Overview

Interfaces and 3rd Party Connections



Easily extend your IT system thanks to our open interfaces

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3rd Party Connections

Flexibly combined – with products from vendors of your choice

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Your Reliable Partner

baramundi software AG

We know that choosing a unified endpoint management solution is a long-term, strategic decision. With baramundi software AG, you are choosing a German company that has many years of experience in endpoint management and, particularly, software distribution.

The baramundi Management Suite is software “Made in Germany” that comes with a quick and competent support team available to help you.

There’s a reason why we’ve been getting great reviews for our products and service quality for years. We see ourselves as a partner that works together with our customers: make the most of our needs-oriented services – like our range of training seminars and workshops, for example.



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