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“baramundi makes our work easier every day."




Warsaw-based computer game developer and publisher CD PROJEKT RED has made a name for itself worldwide with its computer games.

Michał Gawryluk, helpdesk technician at CD PROJEKT RED, looks after 900 clients in Warsaw, 80 more in Kraków, 20 in Wrocław and several others in the company’s branches in the USA, Korea and China. The working environment is extremely heterogeneous: apart from the typical business laptops with Windows 10, there are also numerous workstations with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. The company also uses typical gaming PCs. All these devices are equipped with a variety of different software – from basic office applications to self-programmed developer tools.

To enable their developers to concentrate fully on their work, they need an up-to-date and functioning IT environment. CD PROJEKT RED was looking for an automation solution to get a grip on their numerous update and upgrade processes. “We are always looking for ways to provide our developers with the best working environment”.

Automation, Transparency and Safety

Essential factors for our selection were:

Gawryluk: “Third-party app support in particular was one of the features that made us choose baramundi. Our IT environment has become much more secure with the managed software from baramundi, especially in combination with the vulnerability scanner."

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Smooth Implementation

“The entire implementation of bMS took four days. The installation was finished on Valentine’s Day, and since then the system has been running without interruption or any noticeable downtime for the end user, as the reboots required for configuration are being executed outside their working hours.

Since then, we have cataloged our hardware and software to optimize our license usage and thus reduce our costs. In addition, we can now immediately locate all computers with outdated software and carry out quick upgrades. Also, incompatible files aren’t an issue anymore and developers no longer have to deal with technical problems that keep them from their work.

Just one example: previously, we had to schedule at least three hours per month for the manual update of our ERP servers. With baramundi, we have automated this process, and now only need a few clicks and less than 20 minutes to complete the task,” says Gawryluk.

The baramundi Management Suite (bMS) with the baramundi Automation Studio met our requirements perfectly in this respect.

Mikail Gawryluk, helpdesk technician at CD PROJEKT RED

CD Projekt Red

Even More Reasons for baramundi

  • Quick installations in the background
  • Fast operating system migrations
  • Complete inventory within a few seconds
  • Quickly create individual software packages
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“baramundi makes our work easier every day. Recently, we distributed Visual Studio to every developer on just one weekend – and also had enough time to patch the software that was already installed. The multitude and variety of tasks that we were able to automate and simplify with bMS enable us to focus on the important and complicated tasks. Once the software has been configured correctly, any technician in our team can use it without any problems.

Our entire IT department has become much more efficient since then – our users are often amazed by how quickly and accurately we respond to their requests,” sums up Gawryluk.