baramundi Argus Cockpit

IT System and Job Status

from all times and locations

Monitor IT system and job status from anywhere at any time via the cloud

The best IT admins always worries about server and endpoint status and uptime whether in the office, at home, or on the go. Keeping an eye on your own network at all times and locations is no easy task. You need the right tool!

The solution: With the Argus Cockpit, you can quickly, easily and securely check all relevant status data no matter the time or place. Have peace of mind when endpoint Job execution is trouble-free or have the ability to take action and initiate problem identification and resolution quickly.

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Benefits at a glance

View system status in a web browser regardless of time or location

Secure and responsive access without a VPN connection

Monitor the status of your baramundi servers at a glance

Get instant updates on Job status and quickly resolve problems

Fast, efficient and consistent IT admin UX

Assign staff monitoring responsibilities with Universal Dynamic Groups

baramundi Argus Cockpit

Administrators who need to keep an eye on the status of one or more different IT environments around the clock face a titanic task. It helps to draw on the strength and skill of the titan Argus – the tireless multi-eyed guardian from Greek mythology for whom the baramundi Argus cockpit is named.

Important functions in the Argus Cockpit

  • Status view of bServer services and bMS Jobs: Always remain informed about all processes on your baramundi servers
  • Display of endpoint device information: View detailed endpoint  information at a glance at all times
  • Specific thresholds values: Set your own thresholds for synchronized Universal Dynamic Groups
  • Individual evaluation of IT data: Set your own thresholds for synchronized Universal Dynamic Groups
  • Informative reporting at the push of a button: Automatically generate individual reports for each client

Available on any device with a web browser

Multi-tenant capable

With Argus Cockpit you can keep an eye on up to 10 baramundi management servers. Administrators responsible for multiple locations in their organization, or managed service providers MSP handling multiple client IT environments can directly monitor the status of all their systems in a single, consistent and secure admin interface.

Scalable and high-performance

Whether you are managing 100 or 10,000 terminals, the Argus Cockpit provides reliable and fast information.

Modern UI with responsive views

The clean and efficient user interface of Argus Cockpit makes it easy to access and view the information you need quickly. Thanks to its responsive design, the web-based application is perfectly usable on desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Accessible access

As a cloud-based application, the Argus Cockpit is always and securely available from anywhere whether you're inside or outside the corporate network without the need for a VPN tunnel.

Data protection-compliant and secure data processing

The app ensures that neither personal nor company data is in the wrong hands. All data are end-to-end encrypted and secured by appropriate access permissions.

Continuous enhancements and updates

baramundi provides regular updates and continuously expands the Argus Cockpit with new features and improvements.

Full control with the Argus Cockpit Dashboard

Full control with the Argus Cockpit Dashboard

Argus Cockpit on the road in the Mobile Dashboard view

Argus Cockpit on the road in the Mobile Dashboard view

baramundi Argus Cockpit - EMail

Secure user registration and login

baramundi Argus Cockpit - Jobs

Job information with status

baramundi Argus Cockpit - Services

Detailed status of the bServer services

Complete overview of job status

Complete overview of job status

Monitor individual key figures with Universal Dynamic Groups (UDG)

Monitor individual key figures with Universal Dynamic Groups (UDG)

“On a 75-inch monitor in my office, Argus Cockpit shows me the most important bMS status information of the servers in all of our locations. I always know system status and if there are any escalations needed.
That means I can quickly identify problems and intervene before user notices the problem.”

Torben Boockmann, Organizational Leader

Planned 2021 updates:

Defined event notifications

Solve issues before they cause damage. Event notifications let you and your team known when defined parameters are exceeded or not met. This allows you to respond immediately to outages before disruptions occur.

Enhanced multi-tenancy with rights management

Full access control lets you determine exactly who gets to see which information and who can make changes. This allows you to delegate tasks with peace of mind or, as an MSP, give your customers secure access to their data.

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