Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management

Automated Lifecycle Management for all Devices

The Challenge

Far too many IT experts are still spending too much of their valuable time on routine tasks:

  • Instead of taking on new tasks, company manpower is always being used to complete the same tasks over and over again
  • Managing infrastructure and creating inventories for this is taking up more and more time
  • Increasing numbers of employees and new (mobile) device types are increasing the challenge presented by endpoint management, i.e. supplying all devices with the right software at the right time and guaranteeing data security.

The Solution

Determine your endpoint automation needs together with a baramundi expert. The baramundi Management Suite consists of specialized modules that work closely together through a single central server.

You decide which modules you need for your endpoint management and only license these. If you require additional modules later, you can simply extend your license.

To efficiently organize your IT landscape, you should automate

Originally, when it came to client lifecycle management, the focus was on Windows platforms. However, other mobile platforms such as iOS and Android have begun to be used alongside macOS since then. The associated devices also access company data and must therefore be managed in the same way.

Even with this basic equipment you can already significantly lighten your IT department’s workload. Users have reported time and resource savings of up to 85% with unified endpoint management, as well as savings in their IT budget for routine tasks. Unified endpoint management, natively combined in a single suite, allows you to manage all device types together and with the same mechanisms. This means that there is only one user interface, a common structure across all platforms, only one database, and consistent job handling. It facilitates implementation as well as daily operation.

Likewise, license management offers a great deal of potential for optimization. Only licensing the software that is really needed and used frees up resources for other areas, and protects you against over- or underlicensing. You should take a closer look at the protection of data and files in your company: the more precisely you control data flows, regulate access, and ensure that only permitted software is used, the better you can protect your data. Regular and effective data backup is therefore just as important as being able to restore backed up data quickly and easily.You can obtain support from baramundi experts for all of these steps upon request. We will advise you on the seamless collaboration of the baramundi Management Suite with your existing IT landscape beforehand.

You can reliably automate these routine tasks with the baramundi Management Suite. It allows you to use endpoint management to ensure that all tasks are always run the same way. You can automate routine tasks such as installation and patch management, implement uniform security standards, and use inventory data across all applications throughout the company. You can reduce sources of error and always maintain an overview through continuous logging. This saves you time and allows you to work more efficiently.

Our Recommendation


Use the modules of the unified endpoint management software (UEM) baramundi Management Suite according to your requirements. You can thus automate routine tasks such as installation and patch management, implement uniform security standards, and use inventory data across all applications throughout the company. 

Integration with Other Solutions

Automating routine tasks gives your IT team:

  • Time for new, priority or high-value projects
  • Visibility for all hardware and software on your network
  • Overviews of IT workflows to optimize productivity
  • Improved security
  • Faster ROI