Unified Endpoint Management

Automated lifecycle management for peak IT performance

Empower your IT staff with Unified Endpoint Management

On most days, IT staff time is consumed by repetitive but necessary tasks. Hours that could be invested in higher-priority projects are instead needed to update hardware and software inventory lists and address infrastructure shortcomings. Company growth with more endpoints and device types increases the imbalance. To try to keep up, many IT admins turn to a grab bag of limited-function shareware and commercial IT tools.

But this disjointed approach is unsustainable and adds inefficiencies. That is why more and more small, medium and large organizations alike are adopting UEM.

What does Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) actually mean? 

Simply put, UEM integrates two primary areas of IT management: classic Client Lifecycle Management for PCs, laptops and servers, and Mobile Device Management (MDM) for smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices. When MDM also incorporates Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM) functions it is called Modern Management or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). UEM enables a uniform approach in which all end devices are managed according to consistent policies and procedures within a single admin interface that lets IT staff automate routine tasks. That results in greater IT efficiency and improved infrastructure performance, security and costs. 

UEM: Transparenz durch Inventarisierung und Lizenzmanagement

Inventory and license management

Management transparency

  • Quickly and automatically record hardware and software, including all network devices and displays.
  • Keep track of all your managed platforms with a comprehensive network map. 
  • Document where, how and how often applications are installed and used.
  • Link software licenses with inventory data to get a comprehensive and detailed overview of software usage and costs.
UEM: OS und Software installieren & updaten

Install, distribute, configure

Automate routine tasks

  • Configure, deploy and manage Windows and Windows Updates with a few simple steps 
  • Use highly intuitive drag-and-drop scripts to create customized and reusable automations for OS and app configuration, installations and updates 
  • Easily choose native installation or distribution of cloned OS images for Windows deployments.
UEM: Effizientes Update Management mit baramundi

Update management

Improve security and enhance features

  • Manage, test and apply Windows 11 updates using only the desired elements in staggered rollouts to all endpoints or specific groups.
  • Quickly and automatically patch and update third-party applications using pre-tested, ready-to-deploy update packages.
UEM: Mobile Geräte dank Mobile Device Management verwalten

Enterprise Mobility Management

For mobile and hybrid workforces

  • Manage, configure and secure mobile devices and apps as reliably and consistently as classic PC and notebook clients. 
  • Keep personal and corporate data safely separated and GDPR-compliant on users' mobile devices.
  • Deliver flawless out-of-the-box user experiences with preconfigured smartphones and tablets.
  • Reliably lock and wipe lost or stolen devices remotely. 
Endpoints aktiv schützen mit Unified Endpoint Management

Vulnerability scanning, encryption and antivirus

Actively protect endpoints 

  • Improve endpoint and network security with automated vulnerability scanning.
  • Manage and configure BitLocker disk encryption across your network.
  • Centrally monitor and configure Defender Antivirus on all endpoints. 
  • Precisely define data access rights for applications and storage devices such as USB drives.
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Advantages of baramundi Unified Endpoint Management

Comprehensive network transparency using rapid detection of all endpoints

Single Pane of Glass management within one consistent admin interface

Improved security within your IT network

Save time and resources using powerful and intuitive automation for routine tasks

Improved end-user experiences with unobtrusive, centralized device management

Clear, accurate and detailed reporting for informed decision-making

Modules to create your Unified Endpoint Management system

Use the modules of the unified endpoint management software (UEM) baramundi Management Suite according to your requirements. You can thus automate routine tasks such as installation and update management, implement uniform security standards, and use inventory data across all applications throughout the company. 

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