Software Asset Management (SAM)

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Software Asset Management

Comprehensive and Automated

The Challenge

Comprehensive software asset management (SAM) supports all processes relating to the successful management, control, and protection of software assets throughout their entire lifecycle. In order to do this, you first need all the information about available software, as well as its usage; you then need information about available licenses in a second step. Up-to-date and detailed information about individual release versions is always needed to protect software, as is quick access to updates so that the software can then be systematically updated. The bigger the company, the more important it is to have effective mechanisms to distribute operating systems and application software. Due to the complexity associated with software asset management, it is almost impossible to implement it in a company without using automation.

The Solution

You first need an overview of the software installed in your company. Ideally, you should also check to see whether the installed software is in general use throughout the company.

At the same time, you need to record all available licenses and license agreements in a structured way so that you can compare the software with the licenses. As a result, you will receive a license balance sheet showing you where action is needed from a licensing point of view.

Our Recommendation

As a addition to baramundi Inventory, baramundi AUT and baramundi License Management, you can use customizable automatisms to effectively distribute operating systems and application software or uninstall them:

It is essential to update software on a regular basis to protect it from attacks. In addition, vulnerability scanners will show any remaining vulnerabilities, allowing risk management to be implemented.

The SAM lifecycle is, of course, not only implemented for Windows devices, but also for mobile devices with iOS and Android with:

If you also wish to offer your end users a self-service option, you can save more time by providing predefined installation packages and speed up the provisioning process for users at the same time.

The Result

By regularly updating data, you can ensure maximum transparency with regards to the technical and legal compliant status of your IT environment. This will then permit you to take targeted measures implemented promptly, quickly, and consistently thanks to automation. You can determine the time of implementation and control rollouts, and the system will keep you informed about progress in real time.


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