baramundi Defense Control

Overview and control for native security settings

baramundi Defense Control

IT administrators aim to make it as difficult as possible for unauthorized people to access systems in their IT infrastructure. Having the right tools for strong layered security can make all the difference.
Native Microsoft tools such as Defender and BitLocker increase endpoint security, but managing and monitoring their various features on all computers requires a lot of manual work and sneaker administration. baramundi Defense Control (bDC) makes managing those tools much easier and more efficient.

Key Benefits

Transparent and reliable management of BitLocker encryption

Quick configuration thanks to individual profiles

Detailed overview and comprehensive control of the Microsoft Defender Antivirus


  • Inventory of Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and BitLocker Information
  • Efficient control of BitLocker settings
  • Assignment of initial unlock passwords
  • Manage recovery keys
  • Granular IT permission settings for sensitive BitLocker data
  • Update virus definitions with bMS Jobs
  • Trigger scanning and cleaning with Jobs

Supported Platforms

baramundi Defense Control supports Windows 10 systems from version 1511.

baramundi Defense Control in detail

Learn how barmundi Defense Control works and how to protect your IT with it.

Transparent and reliable native security solution

baramundi Defense Control allows you to configure, enable, and pause the encryption built into Windows 10, as well as monitor and control Defender Antivirus. The use of native Windows security solutions provides the greatest degree of compatibility with common applications. It also ensures that security patches and updates are automatically applied with regular Windows updates, eliminating the need to patch and update third-party encryption and antivirus products.

Simple security management

With baramundi Defense Control, you can manage BitLocker and Defender Antivirus on all systems from central and consistent admin interface. Encryption and antivirus status on all applicable systems is viewable at a glance, and you can manage recovery keys and unlock passwords quickly and easily. 
The bMS also provides added security controls by enabling IT managers to define in detail which IT admins have access to specific keys or groups of keys. Virus threats detected on end devices are shown in the bMS to ensure that corrective actions are taken promptly. It also enables IT admins to initiate offline scanning in a specially secured Windows mode to safely address particularly persistent cases.

BitLocker Profile

Configure parameters of the security settings point by point.

Defense Control Configuration profile
BitLocker Recovery Key

Fast and direct access in the Management Center even without Active Directory.

Media Transparency

Direct visibility into BitLocker status provides comprehensive volume information.

BitLocker Key Management

Automatically unlock computers on corporate networks with BitLocker Network Unlock.

BitLocker Schlüssel-Management
Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender Antivirus Overview shows the endpoint status as well as threats found.

Overview Threats

View and rank the number, type and severity of threats found.

Job Step

Easy job creation to update Defender definition or start a scan.

Defense Control Configuration profile
BitLocker Schlüssel-Management

Like all modules of the baramundi Management Suite, this module is licensed per managed workstation. Servers are also licensed like a normal workstation. For more details, please contact our sales staff.