The ideal combination for Unified Endpoint Management

Modules of the baramundi Management Suite

Are you looking for a unified endpoint management solution with a modular design that can be customized to match your needs? Then the baramundi Management Suite is exactly right for you.

Inventory Hardware and Software

baramundi Inventory

Do you know what hardware you have and what software runs on it? Do you have enough licenses, and have you perhaps installed software illicitly? These and many more questions can be answered by baramundi Inventory, the extensive status recording tool for your IT environment.

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baramundi Network Devices

Do you need a complete overview of the IT architecture of your organization's network? baramundi Network Devices scans the network and identifies all network devices such as routers, switches, and printers that support SNMP. In addition to identifying devices and reading out their properties, it also identifies the network topology, which it clearly presents as an "IT-map".

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baramundi AUT

Never pay too much for unused licenses again. With baramundi AUT (Application Usage Tracking), you can create meaningful usage profiles for all items of software in your company, optimize your license management, and realize significant savings potential. This will also of course meet all the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

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Install Operating Systems Quickly

baramundi OS-Install

With baramundi OS-Install, you can equip your hardware with the right operating system quickly and individually, achieving a business-compliant operating system configuration on all computers.

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baramundi OS-Cloning

Use baramundi OS-Cloning to automatically copy operating systems to as many endpoints as you wish, for example to training computers or for the initial installation of identical computers. In the process, our powerful module can personalize the target system and all the required drivers and settings, despite it being an identical copy of the original system. This saves time, and you benefit from a uniform configuration.

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Distribute Software Easily

baramundi Deploy

With baramundi Deploy you can automatically and reliably deploy virtually any software, even applications for which automation was not intended by the vendor. Numerous methods and intelligent wizards are also provided to help you with this.

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baramundi Automate

Create scripts for software installations in next to no time. InstallShield, Windows Installer, interface control or other methods – it is all so simple with baramundi Automate.

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Manage Mobile Devices

baramundi Mobile Devices

Manage your mobile endpoints in a comprehensive and automated way over their entire lifecycle – from enrollment to remote wipe. Just choose baramundi Mobile Devices to accomplish this. It significantly reduces the effort required for management and protection, and ensures that mobile devices can be reliably and securely integrated into your network in the same way as servers, PCs and notebooks.

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baramundi Mobile Devices Premium

is used to configure and manage Android Enterprise's native container – the Work Profile. baramundi Mobile Devices Premium allows you, in Android Enterprise, to easily separate company and private data into independent profiles without configuration conflicts and ensures maximum compatibility of all apps. It also allows you to configure data separation in iOS in detail. baramundi Mobile Devices Premium requires an existing baramundi Mobile Devices module.

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Smart IT Management

Argus Cockpit

Argus Cockpit expanded the baramundi Management Suite with a cloud technology based dashboard. Regardless of whether you have one or more IT environments with Argus Cockpit you can control your systems independent of time and location.

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baramundi Remote Control

With baramundi Remote Control all the computers in the organization are just a mouseclick away. If users have any questions, or if custom configurations are required, you can directly access the computer concerned. This enables you to easily control devices from your desk and resolve any user problems quickly and securely.

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baramundi Energy Management

Do you wish to save energy used by PC workstations without lowering productivity? The baramundi Energy Management module provides you with clear reports about the energy consumption of individual PCs and supports you in implementing energy- saving measures, allowing you to reduce the energy consumption of your IT devices, lower your energy costs, and protect the environment at the same time.

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baramundi License Management

Use baramundi License Management to create a quick overview of your licensing and avoid any over- and undercoverage with your licenses.

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Improve Security

baramundi Vulnerability Scanner

Automatically scan PCs and servers for vulnerabilities with baramundi Vulnerability Scanner. This ensures that all endpoints comply with rules, thereby guaranteeing a high level of security.

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baramundi Defense Control

baramundi Defense Control allows you to configure, enable and pause the encryption integrated in Windows 10. In addition, baramundi Defense Control makes it possible to control the bitlocker throughout the entire company from a single interface.

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baramundi Patch Management

If you wish to discover the latest Microsoft patches and install them according to your requirements, baramundi Patch Management will perform the job reliably.

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baramundi Managed Software

Thanks to baramundi Managed Software, you always know exactly what updates and patches are available for your standard software. Our experts monitor and check updates from many standard products for you and provide you with packaged and verified updates and patches ready for distribution with the baramundi Management Suite.

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Backup and Restore Systems, Data and Settings

baramundi Disaster Recovery

Faulty hard drives, stolen notebooks, or even simply new workstation computers can all cause a lot of stress for many people, but if you activate baramundi Disaster Recovery, it just takes a few mouseclicks to recover your lost data.

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baramundi Personal Backup

If you wish to backup personal settings in applications and on the system together with valuable data, then baramundi Personal Backup is perfect for you.

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More information about the baramundi Management Suite

Whether you wish to install, distribute, create inventories, protect, secure, connect, or manage – our software comprises numerous modules that you can combine easily and flexibly according to your needs. An additional advantage is that you only invest in the components you really need, and you can extend the software later.

You can intuitively operate our modules easily through a common interface. A well thought-out system that facilitates comprehensive endpoint management at the highest level – affordably, smoothly and always secure. Get to know the baramundi modules in our overview.