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7 proactive steps to optimize IT performance, productivity and user satisfaction


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IT admins count on users to report endpoint hardware, software and network errors, slowdowns and crashes.  But users may not notify IT because they’re busy, think that recurring technical glitches are “normal” or only happen on their devices. They also may be unaware of how their reports can help IT admins detect and address problematic patterns and improve overall performance. Fortunately, these 7 proactive steps can help IT admins spot and correct endpoint issues quickly, sometimes even before users request support. You’ll get better endpoint performance, fewer support tickets, and more productive and satisfied users.


1. Check stability and performance


Dedicated end user experience management tools provide metrics to identify recurring hardware and software crashes, slowdowns and other performance issues.

2. Track connectivity


Monitor and analyze frustrating network issues at company locations or users’ home offices. 

3. Survey end-user perceptions


Discover which hardware, software or network issues are having the greatest impact on user experiences and productivity.

4. Identify problematic software/hardware


Compare user perceptions and problem reports with performance data from other company office, user locations and endpoint configurations, as well as industry benchmark data to prioritize responses.

5. Regular update management


Promptly test and deploy OS updates and 3rd-party software patches to optimize endpoint performance, reliability and security.

6. IT automation and AI-supported tools


Use time-saving automation tools to simplify software installations, streamline update and patch deployments and avoid user downtime. Provide pre-configured self-service portals for employees to complete basic installations independently. Use AI-supported tools to analyze and automatically resolve recurring anomalies.

7. Transparency and communication


Inform users about planned downtimes or potential performance or compatibility issues. Share IT successes with users and management and report improvements in user productivity and satisfaction.

Improve user productivity and satisfaction with the baramundi Argus Experience module and other integrated endpoint management solutions in the baramundi Management Suite.

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