IT-Service Management (ITSM)

IT Service Management

Using one Data Pool Throughout the Company

The Challenge

Many companies suffer from having an unclear flow of data: inventory data, for example, is available in many different formats and documents, but it always needs to be re-entered and changed in several different applications. 

The Solution

baramundi Inventory is already included in your baramundi Management Suite license. You can use it to create a reliable pool of data that is always up-to-date. Allow baramundi Inventory to automatically query all data available in the network. You will therefore always know what components and software a specific computer contains and what the version is. You can also easily supply baramundi Inventory with offline information using custom query masks. You can record the locations of projectors just as reliably as data about digital cameras. 

You can now make this data available to other applications and users. For example, your helpdesk will immediately know all the required technical information for every device whenever they receive a query, or your accounting department will already be aware of the current device status, and your ERP system can directly access the data. 

There are additional tools available that allow the widespread use of data from the baramundi inventory management software throughout the company. With baramundi Connect, you can provide other applications with standardized interfaces to share data.

An example: You can connect your helpdesk directly with an OMNINETSolution. This permits requests to the support team to be automatically linked to the latest data from the computer in question.

Our Recommendation

Make sure you have a uniform data pool that you collect and maintain automatically. You can make this available to other applications and departments. You can achieve this by combining the Inventory and Helpdesk modules:


Open interfaces to the baramundi Management Suite also allow for partnerships with helpdesk solution vendors. You can find more information about our partners here.

We work together with several solution providers in the field of ITSM. This enables us to combine the most suitable ITSM solution for the company, or even an existing solution, with the baramundi Management Suite, and data can be exchanged bidirectionally via the standardized interface.

The Result

With little effort:

  • Obtain an overview of all your inventory data 
  • Keep information up-to-date at all times 
  • Use consistent inventory data across all applications throughout the company 
  • Use your helpdesk to make your work easier
  • Supply your ERP software with important base data

Streamline your management and use data more effectively and efficiently throughout the company thanks to our IT Service Management Solutions

IT Service Management (ITSM) and Helpdesk

In addition to the products presented here, there are already some examples of successful connections and reference projects. Is your favorite solution not included? Then get in touch with us.