IT Service Management –

Engaging users for IT success

Successful ITSM:

Make users part of the solution

User support is just one of many IT tasks that also include essential responsibilities such as reporting, documentation and inventory. But it can have a major impact on IT’s perceived performance and value.
You can organize and complete common support requests more efficiently and improve user and IT admin experiences with new IT Ticketing System support in baramundi Management System (bMS).

baramundi ITSM: Solve ticketing requests automatically

Ticketing System

 Automated and coordinated completion of support requests

  • Receive all tickets bundled and clearly arranged at one portal.
  • Save work by automatically prioritizing and assigning requests based on predefined categories and, if necessary, solving them using predefined bMS jobs.
  • Reduce response times with jointly developed best-practice solutions for common and repetitive issues at the touch of a button.
baramundi ITSM: Inventory


Transparency and easy reporting 

  • Gain an overview of all managed devices of your users. 
  • Generate transparency about all installed software and associated licenses.
  • Quickly create clear and up-to-date reports on all important KPIs.
baramundi ITSM: Self-Service

Self Service

Save time and effort with self-service offerings

  • Reduce your department's overhead and allow users to self-install selected programs and configurations.
  • Users can self-serve all their managed clients - Windows, Android, iOS or macOS. 
  • Automate frequently requested configuration tasks, such as printer driver installation, WiFi configuration, or new Word templates.

ITSM benefits at a glance

Faster resolution of incidents and reduction of risks

Improved availability of IT services


Increased end-user satisfaction


Increased IT productivity through defined roles and responsibilities


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ITSM with baramundi

baramundi Inventory
baramundi Inventory

Document all endpoint hardware and software components and versions and make the data available in other applications. 

Self-Service with baramundi Kiosk
Self-Service with baramundi Kiosk

Give users a comprehensive software and mobile app self-service platform to save time, eliminate wait times and free IT staff for other tasks.

baramundi Connect Schnittstellen
baramundi Connect

Create bidirectional connections to other applications via the baramundi Connect interface and integrate them smoothly into everyday IT workflows.

IT-Service Management (ITSM) and Helpdesk

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