baramundi Remote Control

baramundi Remote Control

Support for Remote Users and Server Maintenance

Most problems can be solved easily – provided you are sitting in front of the computer concerned, can see what is on the screen outputs, and can respond with the mouse and keyboard. baramundi Remote Control saves you from making unnecessary, long trips and lets you access any computer in the network through a remote desktop connection.

Benefits for You

  • Direct connection to end points in the network
  • Fast, targeted support of users
  • Keyboard and mouse control of the target system
  • Complies the latest data protection regulations

Supported Platforms

baramundi Remote Control supports the remote control of all devices with current Microsoft operating systems.

Try it Out!

Find out whether baramundi Remote Control can help you, and request a free 30-day fully functional trial version.
We’ll happily demonstrate to you in person in your company how you can make the most of working with the baramundi Management Suite, and how baramundi Remote Control can simplify your day-to-day work.

baramundi Remote Control in detail

Remote Access

baramundi Remote Control allows you to remotely view a user’s screen, while the user can continue to work. IT and helpdesk staff can respond to problems quickly and remotely demonstrate potential solutions directly on the user’s screen that the user can follow. baramundi Remote Control is also ideal for controlling server systems. IT staff can directly access all servers from their workstation, and can easily monitor, control and maintain them remotely.
Typical user issues such as unresponsive printers, software configuration, or help with individual software features can be solved directly without significant effort being involved.
Remote access takes into account the requirements of the EU-DSGVO and is only possible if either nobody is logged on to the system or the user explicitly agrees. In addition, a clearly visible window on the remote system indicates that a remote connection is active.