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baramundi version update

Where can I get the installation file for the baramundi Management Suite?

We provide the installation files for each release in the baramundi Forum. You can sign up and log in by clicking here. The Forum is your go-to source of bMS information, and installation, usage and troubleshooting tips from our in-house experts and the enthusiastic and very knowledgeable user community.

Once you’re logged into the baramundi Forum you can also access an expanded FAQ and an extensive library of how-to information, articles in our English-language Knowledge Base.
Please note that while there is a large and expanding amount of English language content some Forum posts are in German. You may find that content useful and insightful as it is from our largest and most experienced base of baramundi users in German-speaking countries. You can easily translate German content by using translation tools in your Browser (e.g., DeepL)  or by using a translation plug-in for your preferred browser.

Finally, please use the baramundi Feedback portal to submit requests and ideas for bMS enhancements and new features and ideas. Our product management team relies on your suggests to guide and refine our development efforts. In fact, most new features are the direct result of user suggestions and requests.

What are the new features in each release?

We announce new features and enhancements in the Product Previews section of the baramundi Forum You’ll also find the English and German versions of the Release Notes for each new or previous versions of bMS in the Downloads section of the baramundi Forum and on the ISO). 

Where can I find the baramundi system requirements, for supported platforms and operating systems?

Systems requirements and support platform information for all current baramundi software can be found on our website by clicking here

Do I need a new license for a version update?

You can continue to use your existing licenses as usual. If you are interested in additional modules or want to manage more clients please contact your sales consultant.

Where can I find installation and update instructions?

In our online help, the tutorial "Update the bMS" guides you step by step through the update of your bMS installation. The tutorial contains general information, notes on the update and a sample checklist.

baramundi Support

How can I reach baramundi support?

You can reach our support team in Germany Monday through Friday:

  • Europe: between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. CET
  • US: between 2:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. ET.

Please note: Spring and fall time changes currently happen on different dates in the US and in Europe. You can also check World Clock apps on your phone or on various websites such as

Live Remote Access: Once you’re in touch with our support team they may ask you to click on this link to initiate a secure remote support session to clarify any issues quickly and directly and expedite troubleshooting.

Online Ticket Portal: Registered users can open a support ticket in our Online Ticket Portal. You’ll find detailed instructions about which information and log files to have ready to help the support team expedite a solution. While the information will vary based on the bMS module involved, you’ll generally need to have the following basic information ready:

  • Detailed description of the issue.
  • Can the issue be reproduced?
  • Error message(s) with screenshots if possible.
  • baramundi version (upper left corner in the bMC> bMS-Symbol> State> Version).
  • How many systems/clients are affected?
  • Log files of affected systems or devices

bMS Licensing

How can I order, upgrade or change licenses?

Please contact the baramundi sales team to add, upgrade or change licenses.

The US sales team can be reached by:
Phone: +1 508 861 7561
Email: supportUSA(at)

The European Sales Team can be reached by:
Phone: +49 821 5 67 08 - 380


Documentation & communities

Where can I access bMS documentation and instructions?

Our extensive documentation can be viewed online from within the bMC via F1, or at
Self-help and detailed instructions for most aspect of bMS are available on the baramundi Forum and the baramundi Knowledge Base.


What is the baramundi Knowledge Base?

Created and continuously updated by the baramundi support team, the baramundi Knowledge Base (KB) contains detailed instructions, troubleshooting tips and best practices information on using the bMS. You can access the Knowledge Base once you’ve registered and logged into the baramundi Forum. It’s searchable and clearly organized by bMS modules and functions (e.g., Argus Cockpit, bMC, OS-Install, etc.). 
Our KB articles include:

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Screenshots
  • Scripts
  • Embedded videos
  • Tips for error analysis
  • Background information 
  • Links to similar articles, baraDOCS or expert content from related third-parties such as Microsoft. 
  • Full text search and keywords

You can also:

  • Exchange ideas with baramundi and the community using the comment function on the article
  • Suggest article topics and improvements to existing content
  • Save or forward articles or print them as PDFs
What is the baramundi Forum?

The baramundi Forum is a community platform for baramundi customers, partners and prospects to ask questions, discuss topics related to the baramundi Management Suite, access downloads, documents and baramundi news and updates. 
To register for and access the Forum please click here.

Where can I view video tutorials?

The baramundi YouTube channel includes English- and German-language video tutorials covering various aspects of using the baramundi Management Suite. We plan to offer an English version of our German-language "baramundi on Air" tutorial series soon.

Is online and virtual training available?

baramundi offers comprehensive certified training courses on all aspects of the baramundi Management Suite.
If an individual workshop tailored to your needs is the better option for you, you can book it through our baramundi consultants. You can find detailed information about the workshops here.

How can I submit feedback and requests for new features and enhancements?

Our customers are instrumental in the ongoing development of the baramundi Management Suite! You can post your product ideas and suggestions in the baramundi feedback portal and vote for ideas!
You can access the feedback portal by first registering for and logging into the baramundi Forum

IT Trainings & Workshops

What training courses are available?

baramundi offers comprehensive certified training courses on all aspects of the baramundi Management Suite.
If an individual workshop tailored to your needs is the better option for you, you can book it through our baramundi consultants. You can find detailed information about the workshops here. 

Stay up to date

How do I subscribe to and receive updates in the Forum, Feedback Portal and Knowledge Base?

You can subscribe to specific Forum topic areas, Idea threads in the Feedback Portal or specific articles in the Knowledge Base via RSS feed and receives updates when new information is posted:

  • In the baramundi Forum just click on a Topic area (e.g., Microsoft Patch News, Newsletter English, etc.) then click ‘Watch Forum.”
  • In the Feedback Portal, simply click on the “Follow This Idea” link when viewing a specific Idea thread.
  • In the Knowledge Base Click, you can follow a Category by adding it to your RSS Reader (e.g. , in Outlook or a separate app). You also can click on the “Follow” link when viewing a specific Knowledge Base article.
Where can I find news and updates about bMS or current IT topics?

We regularly post news and updates about the bMS, baramundi and IT topics on our website, our blog, in the baramundi Forum and in the baramundi Newsletter.
Company press releases are posted here.
You read our blog articles here.
You can register for, log in and access the baramundi Forum here.
You can subscribe to the baramundi  newsletter here.