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Topic collections

The topic collections offer you a quick overview of relevant topics. This makes it easier for you to get started and provides you with the right links.

Update of the Management Suite

Tutorial for updating the bMS

This tutorial will support you when updating the baramundi Management Suite with information about what you need to consider when updating different versions. 

Download the bMS versions

Here you can find the current bMS version for download as well as the release notes and important points and information. 

Practical help with updates

A collection of Knowledge Base articles will help you implement your bMS update. 

Managed Software

Technical documentation for MSW

The technical documentation with an explanation of the Managed Software functionalities can be found here.

MSW tutorial

Here you will find detailed information and practical instructions for using Managed Software efficiently.

Video tutorial on Managed Software

In this “baramundi ON AIR” video, baramundi Support shows you practical steps on how to make the best use of Managed Software. 

Video tutorial on MSW data security

baramundi Support will show you how to ensure data security with MSW in this “baramundi ON AIR” video. 

MSW product overview

Here you will find a complete overview of all MSW products and their technical details. 

MSW Change log

The change log contains important information about updated MSW products. These are updated daily for you. 

Argus Experience

Argus Experience tutorial

You can find out here how you can collect relevant experience data with baramundi Argus Experience. 

Video tutorial on the introduction of Argus Experience

In this “baramundi ON AIR” video, baramundi Support shows you what you should pay attention to when introducing baramundi Argus Experience. 

Argus Experience Community

In the baramundi user forum you will find information about the product and you can exchange ideas with the community there. 

Mobile Device Management | Apple devices

Tutorial on mobile device capture (iOS)

Here you will find instructions for registrations with and without DEP as well as user registration. 

Video tutorial on iOS devices in ADE/DEP mode

In this “baramundi ON AIR” video, baramundi Support shows you how to set iOS devices in ADE/DEP mode. 

Video tutorial on Apple device enrollment

In this video you will learn how to add iOS devices to management via baramundi. 

Video tutorial on basic configuration of Apple management

This video explains how to carry out the basic configuration in the baramundi Management Center in order to manage Apple devices. 

Add iOS devices to the ADE/DEP program

It is possible to add iOS/iPadOS devices manually that have not yet been added to the Apple ADE/DEP (Automated Device Enrollment) program using the Apple Configurator. 

Add iOS device via user registration

The iOS management mode user registration is usually aimed at BYOD devices (Bring Your Own Device) or company devices that employees are allowed to use for business and private purposes. 

Update Management

Tutorial on bMUM

You can find out here how you can use baramundi Microsoft Update Management (bMUM) to manage all Microsoft updates and distribute them to your devices. 

Video tutorial about patching your devices

In this “baramundi ON AIR” video, baramundi Support shows you how to patch your end devices conveniently via Update Management. 

FAQs about Update Management

Frequently asked user questions about baramundi Update Management can be found summarized in this article. 


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