baramundi Webinar

baramundi Webinar

baramundi Webinar

Innovative Endpoint Management - OS-Upgrades, Patching and Software Deployment simplified 

Urgent user requests, Zero Day Vulnerability, Windows Fall Anniversary Update, Office 365 Migration: Are any of these topics causing your blood pressure to rise?

This seminar will show you how you can automate OS-migrations, software deployment projects, and effective security exploit management all from one easy to use Endpoint Management Suite. No university degree or nerd glasses required - buckle up!

What can you expect from the baramundi software webinar? Manage and display the entire lifecycle of an end device and all necessary tasks centrally in one interface and in one database:

  • Automated deployment of operating systems and applications
  • Controlled and reliable Patch Management
  • Automatic detection of security vulnerabilities on PCs and servers to close them quickly
  • Perfect overview of hardware and software, licenses, and company data of all kinds

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