baramundi OS-Install

baramundi OS-Install

Install Operating Systems Quickly and Natively

There are generally several new installations during the lifecycle of a computer. Now, thanks to baramundi OS-Install, these installations can be performed fully automatically. If you encounter any problems with the system, you can save yourself the trouble of lengthy diagnosis and repair – just a few mouseclicks will produce a fresh, functioning system. You can then use baramundi Deploy to perform software deployment and automatically install all applications that have been predefined for this computer.
No matter how complex the structure of your IT system, baramundi OS-Install makes it easy for you to quickly and individually provide your hardware with the appropriate operating system.

Benefits for You

The solution formats and partitions the client and natively installs and configures the system in a single operation. baramundi OS-Install does not require any further intervention from the administrator or user. 

  • Fully automatic and native operating system installation
  • Automatic identification of hardware and allocation of drivers during software installation
  • Easy update
  • Support for Windows 10 migrations with Inplace upgrades

Try it Out!

Find out whether baramundi OS-Install can help you, and request a free 30-day fully functional trial version.
We’ll happily demonstrate to you in person in your company how you can make the most of working with the baramundi Management Suite, and how you can use baramundi OS-Install to install operating systems quickly.

baramundi OS-Install in Detail

Native Installation

For current Microsoft operating systems, baramundi OS-Install utilizes the benefits of the native installation method, installed as if by hand via the original installation mechanism. The adaptation of a Windows 10 image is made possible via a comfortable wizard and thus allows the specific operating system configuration according to your company specifications.The method recommended by Microsoft for upgrading to Windows 10 and subsequent updates is the Inplace upgrade. With the baramundi Management Suite, the upgrade process can be automated and centrally controlled.

Intelligent Plug & Play

baramundi OS-Install offers you convenient plug & play functionality instead of the time-consuming maintenance of hardware profiles. After the driver is imported via an intuitive wizard, baramundi OS-Install then independently detects built-in components and installs each client based on its hardware configuration.

Windows as a Service

You always have a transparent view when it comes to the Windows versions you are using, since the release level and servicing channels used are read out.
Thanks to the elegant integration of in-place upgrades, you can always keep your installations up-to-date.

baramundi OS Customization Tool

baramundi OS Customization Tool