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„We are very satisfied with the quality of baramundi support and have always received timely responses to our inquiries."

Bitburger Braugruppe



The Bitburger Brewery Group is one of the leading brewery groups in Germany. The seventh-generation family-run company is known for its top-quality beers, including the Bitburger, König Pilsener, Köstritzer, Licher and Craftwerk brands sold through its distribution partner Benediktiner Weißbräu GmbH.

No matter the local language, beer drinkers worldwide know that the company slogan “Bitte ein Bit” (“A Bit please”) stands for quality, purity and good taste. Bitburger Business System Administrator Julian Haas and his IT team are responsible for applications development and for keeping the brewery group‘s IT systems secure and stable.

In addition to around 400 thin clients, IT team manages about 1,200 devices, mainly Windows 10 laptops and PCs running Office 365, SAP and other applications. Supporting field service personnel who work 100% remotely is an essential task that requires special attention. The company hit the jackpot with the Augsburg-based software manufacturer baramundi. The unified endpoint management solution keeps all endpoints up to date.


Expansion requires automation

„Until 2017, endpoint management was largely done manually without endpoint management software. However, due to increasing mobile work and our use of MS Teams there was a significant expansion in the number of fat clients. We realized that manual management was becoming far too time-consuming,“ explains Haas.

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„We chose the baramundi Management Suite after a thorough analysis of various solutions. The bMS was ready to use after a very short time and allowed us to start working productively right away. “Since then, we have used baramundi successfully to migrate from Windows 7 to 10. We’re also able to check our software for vulnerabilities based on CVEs that are updated automatically on a daily basis.

Compared to managing this work manually, we have seen massive time savings and significantly increased productivity using baramundi Management Suite.

Julian Haas, Business System Administrator at Bitburger

For example, it is possible through the automated OS-install module to prepare several devices in parallel without having to be actively involved all the time. With a large rollout of new devices, this saves several staff-days of time and effort per month. “We plan to replace a large portion of the thin clients with fat clients. With the help of the baramundi Management Suite, we can do that efficiently and quickly.“


Satisfaction all along the line

„We are very satisfied with the quality of baramundi support and have always received timely responses to our inquiries. The baramundi Forum also provides quick and effective advice and suggestions from the global baramundi user community. “The baramundi Management Suite has simplified and improved a wide variety of client management processes for us and will continue to do so in the future. All in all, we are very satisfied.“

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