baramundi White Paper Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

White Paper: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

White Paper Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

In many companies, the use of mobile devices has become standard, and employees want to access company data from their own mobile devices. This can bring some benefits for companies, but IT Managers should be aware of the risks. Effective protection and keeping an inventory are basic requirements in order to safely integrate smartphones and more into the professional world.

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Enterprise mobility strategy

If companies are looking at a mobility strategy for the first time – and in this context at the introduction of EMM software, either as an addition to endpoint management or as a standalone EMM suite – it is first necessary to define which features an appropriate solution should offer.

Your benefits with baramundi

  • Consistent configuration of all mobile devices
  • Distribution of apps and settings
  • Compile a hardware and software inventory
  • Force password protection
  • Remotely block and wipe lost devices
  • Implement compliance with company policies

Transparent management in real time

With good EMM software, all relevant data is not only provided to the managed mobile devices, but is also available in real time. Because it is only when the administrator receives all key information and feedback promptly that they are sufficiently informed and able to correctly assess the security of the mobile devices. Administrators can also intervene promptly if rules are violated and take appropriate countermeasures. Job-oriented mechanisms are better in this regard compared to rules-based paradigms. If an up-to-date database is available at all times, current reports can be exported and prepared as required.

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baramundi software provides companies and organizations with efficient, secure, and cross-platform management of workstation environments. Around the world, over 3,500 customers of all sizes and from every sector benefit from the German manufacturer's many years of experience and outstanding products.

These are compiled into an integrated, future-orientated unified endpoint management approach in the baramundi Management Suite: endpoint management, enterprise mobility management, and endpoint security are provided via a shared interface, using a single database, and according to global standards.

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