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Manage mobile devices securely with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)


In today's business world, mobile devices are indispensable, and many employees prefer to access company data from their own smartphones or tablets. Although this brings certain advantages for companies, it also entails risks that IT managers should not ignore. 

Effective protection and a comprehensive inventory are fundamental prerequisites for securely integrating mobile devices and the associated content and applications into everyday working life. The number of mobile single-use devices such as hand-held scanners is also increasing in companies. All of these are exposed to the same threats as classic PCs and have increasingly been the target of hackers in recent years. 

Manage mobile devices effectively: the most important questions for companies

To protect themselves against cyber attacks on mobile devices, companies need to answer a few key questions:

  • How can all mobile devices be seamlessly connected? 

  • Where can mobile devices be configured automatically? 

  • What needs to be taken into account with the different mobile operating systems Android, macOs, etc.? 

  • Corporate Owned, Business Only (COBO), Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Corporate Owned Single Use (COSU) - which usage options make sense and how are they ideally managed?

This results in an individual list of requirements for each company when it comes to finding a suitable EMM solution. Read our White Paper to find out how best to proceed in your search for such a solution.

Enterprise Mobility Management – What do management solutions achieve today?

In our White Paper you will learn how:

  • automated enrolment ensures secure management of mobile devices.
  • the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) enables efficient integration of iOS devices into the EMM.
  • security measures and seamless update management can be enforced on mobile devices.
  • to integrate mobile device management into existing endpoint management.

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baramundi software provides companies and organizations with efficient, secure, and cross-platform management of workstation environments. Around the world, over 5,000 customers of all sizes and from every sector benefit from the German manufacturer's many years of experience and outstanding products.

These are compiled into an integrated, future-orientated unified endpoint management approach in the baramundi Management Suite: endpoint management, enterprise mobility management, and endpoint security are provided via a shared interface, using a single database, and according to global standards.