What “getting to the core“ means to us:
Simply choosing what you really need!

The modules of our Management Suite.

The baramundi Management Suite consists of various modules that work together via a single database and a single user interface. Simply select the modules that you need right now – and add additional features later if necessary. You need only to invest in the specific modules that you actually use.


baramundi OS-Install

Automatic installation of Microsoft operating systems
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At a glance

  • Fully automatic and native installation of operating systems
  • Automatic detection of hardware and assignment of drivers
  • Easy to update
  • Integrated license management
  • High performance

Native Automated Installation

For all current Microsoft operating systems, baramundi OS-Install exploits the benefits of installing windows by hand, automating it via the original Microsoft installation mechanism.

This provides you with independence from hardware and drivers, thus offering full flexibility. It also assures you full hardware manufacturer support. Following partitioning and formatting, baramundi OS-Install installs the operating system in a single pass – including all reboots and configurations.

Intelligent Plug & Play

baramundi OS-Install offers you convenient plug & play functionality instead of complex maintenance of hardware profiles. You only need to save your driver pool to the database once. baramundi OS-Install then automatically detects the components with the aid of your PCI codes and performs the installation on each client based on its hardware configuration.

The universal boot client and the integrated PXE server automatically detect new computers and adds them to the baramundi database. The boot client also includes drivers from all network cards. If no software profile exists yet, the software installed later is defined afterwards.

Also, baramundi OS-Install uses the "network scanner" in conjunction with the wake-on-LAN feature to perform new computer installations automatically. Of course you still have the option to work with your own hardware profiles as well.

Rapid, Automated Driver Loading

The baramundi driver wizard helps you to load existing drivers, for example from the internet or a driver CD supplied with a PC, rapidly and securely into the baramundi Management Suite. This means that you integrate drivers autonomously, i.e. without the need for additional assistance from baramundi or your system partner.

Fast Deployment

The lifecycle of a computer usually involves several reinstallations. Now you can fully automate this process and should you encounter system problems, you can save yourself the trouble of protracted diagnoses and repairs - just a few clicks of the mouse and you soon have a fresh, functioning system. You can then use baramundi Deploy to install all predefined applications for this computer, also automatically.

baramundi OS-Cloning

Fast installation of identical configurations using cloning
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At a glance

  • Fully automatic, rapid installation of the same configurations
  • Anonymous master system with Standard Microsoft “sysprep” mechanism
  • Customized target system
  • Based on baramundi Disaster Recovery technology
  • Recommended especially with Windows 7 and Windows 8

Cloning Instead of Installing

baramundi OS-Cloning reliably provides you with an exact image of existing configurations. The module begins by analyzing the output computer. This configuration is then made anonymous using the Standard Microsoft “sysprep” mechanism.

Next, baramundi OS-Cloning copies the configuration automatically to any required number of PCs. baramundi OS-Cloning can also customize the target system despite the exact copy. For example, you specify the computer name during the copying process that the system later identifies in the network.

To install a clone image, use all boot options of the baramundi Management Server, e.g. PXE via the network.

The cloning information is archived and you can use it again at any time for other cloning purposes. Like all other modules, baramundi OS-Cloning is fully integrated into the job control and can be easily accompanied by other tasks such as patch management or software deployment.


baramundi Deploy

Smart installation and deployment of software with flexible installation methods
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At a glance

  • High level of flexibility through arbitrary installation mechanisms
  • Simple job creation and comprehensive job control
  • Installations run unnoticed in the background
  • End user can be involved if necessary
  • Seamlessly integrated license management
  • Direct job status information for individual or all jobs

Convenient for the Administrator, Friendly for Users

Deploying software with baramundi Deploy means one thing above all: great flexibility. Command line, response file or script – you define how each application should be installed. An intelligent wizard supports you, helping you to remain flexible and maintain an overview.

You benefit from

  • Intelligent job management with accurate logging
  • Smart installation mechanisms
  • Freely definable dependencies and bundles
  • A strong drag & drop script language
  • Reusable tasks

Freely Define Installations

How do you prefer to work? In express mode with an intelligent wizard that completes your jobs in just a few mouse clicks? Or do you like to select every option yourself? baramundi Deploy gives you the freedom to choose. The ingenious job control feature lets you define precisely what a job should perform when, where and how often and how to respond to unexpected events. 

With baramundi Deploy

  • You can freely determine under what conditions software is installed
  • Define the sequence
  • Combine different applications to create a single installation package

Exploit freedom

You decide whether to perform a native software installation using the original setup method or to select a different method. And you decide to what extent users are involved.

You can inform users about currently running jobs, offer them a say in when jobs are run or have the jobs executed invisibly in the background. The integrated HTML Kiosk allows you to make software available that your users can access with ease whenever necessary.

During all processes you retain an overview of the current status and can see what has already been installed, what is left to do and where errors have arisen as well as their consequences. And as easily as you can install software on any computer, you can also uninstall programs, including unwanted programs, that were installed without permission. You retain an overview of the details of all jobs and all individual steps.

Drag and Drop Scripting Language

baramundi has developed its own scripting language that allows you to edit your processes very easily using drag and drop. Typical administration tasks can be passed to the baramundi Management Suite in a matter of minutes. The powerful scripting language is contained in baramundi Automation Studio and is available to you as a single-user license with baramundi Deploy.

baramundi Automate

Rapid and safe automation of any processes
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At a glance

  • Creation of control files (transforms)
  • Automates nearly every process manually executable on a PC
  • Simple script creation via drag and drop
  • Includes a standard set of commands
  • Intuitive recorder for recording actions
  • Can also control interfaces that do not conform to the user interface standard (e. g. Java interfaces)
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Step-by-step trial mode

Drag and Drop Instead of Programming

With baramundi Automate, programming is child’s play. From the outset, you have control over your installations. You can create response files for automatic installations quickly and easily, scripts for specialized installations and administration tasks or interface controls for setup routines that are not standard compliant. One baramundi Automate license is included with baramundi Deploy.

baramundi Automate scripts open up new opportunities for you when preparing for the installation process or accessing it. The scripts are created in the convenient baramundi Automate. They are added to the script by dragging and dropping them from a clearly organized tree structure, and the detailed options can be set accurately in self-explanatory dialogs. The scripts are also excellent for automating administration tasks, such as amending window properties, setting passwords or deleting temporary files.

Reliable Interface Automation

But not every application can be automatically controlled with response files. Instead, they need interface scripts for setup routines that are not standard compliant. You can set these up quickly and easily with baramundi Automation Studio. You still have extensive control options to automate even tricky tasks. The result: even problematic setups can be installed using the setup procedures supplied by the software manufacturer. Windows and interfaces are clearly differentiated during execution, regardless of the resolution. Even text fields and buttons can be targeted directly.

Variables Boost Flexibility

baramundi Automate and baramundi Deploy together form a perfect unit You can insert all baramundi variables into the scripts, allowing language variants, in particular client settings or setup paths to be generated dynamically from the variables per client. This significantly reduces the administration workload. You can also easily automate complete rollout scenarios.

User-Specific Settings

If you want to install a software application that is to be configured individually for every user, this is very easy with baramundi Automate scripts. These scripts are then run for each allocated user and allow access to the user-defined settings, such as the desktop or user registration.


baramundi Mobile Devices

Expands baramundi Management Suite to include the automatic management of mobile devices
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At a glance

  • Automated management of mobile devices
  • Coverage of the entire life cycle of a mobile device, from enrollment through to remote wipe
  • Simple configuration of mobile devices using cross-platform user profiles
  • Management of devices, including outside the company network
  • Reliable application of compliance rules and protection of valuable company data
  • Integration of employee’s private devices (Bring Your Own Device – BYOD)
  • The chance to benefit from the proven, user-friendly interface of baramundi Management Suite
  • MAM functionalities for blacklisting and whitelisting of apps
  • App Configuration for iOS

Simple, Reliable Integration of Mobile End Devices

baramundi Mobile Devices lets you administer mobile devices at your company securely and reliably. Where necessary you can also include the private devices of employees that are used for work purposes. From inclusion in your system to removal when no longer in use, you have full control of every stage. You can inventorize your devices on an automated basis, transfer configurations to devices and enforce security regulations.

Straightforward Enrollment and Reliable Communication

Devices are incorporated into the administration with baramundi Mobile Devices by scanning a QR code or via an enrollment link per e-mail. To do so, you install the baramundi Mobile Agent app on the device, obtained from the relevant app store. The entire communication between the baramundi Management Server and the Mobile Devices is secured via certificates.

Cross-Platform Configuration

Configuring devices from various mobile platforms is complex and time-consuming. The same parameters must be entered in different ways, depending on the operating system. baramundi Mobile Devices offers a single user interface for just this purpose. A toolbox of profile elements that can be combined in different ways facilitates the cross-platform setup of devices, taking into account the specific functionalities of individual platforms and device types (e.g. Samsung KNOX).

Deployment of Applications and Settings

You can deploy apps on mobile devices just as easily as certificates and settings, using a comfortable live search tool in the Apple app store. You can also let users install applications as an executable job in a kiosk. This kiosk is accessed on the device via the baramundi Mobile Agent app.

Inventory & Data Protection

You keep track of all mobile end devices and their configuration. In addition to hardware configuration you can also read out operating system version, IMEI, Roaming Status (only iOS), network data, and of course installed apps. You can also read the current configuration such as the settings for passwords, encryption level, configured WLAN networks and much more.

Define and Apply Security Rules

You specify the complexity and minimum length of passwords and define unwanted apps. You can apply restrictions to the use of the app store or the camera. The Compliance Dashboard provides you with an overview of the freely definable security rules and compliance guidelines. Modifications to the operating system ("Jailbreak"/"Root") are also detected. Where necessary, you can have baramundi Mobile Devices respond automatically to infringements.

» Enterprise Mobility Management - Read more
» MDM Factsheet - Read more

baramundi Remote Control

Connects directly to the desktop of computers in the network for rapid remote support
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At a glance

  • Direct connection to every endpoint in the network
  • Control of the target system
  • Remote troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Quick, targeted support of users
  • Independent logon to unmanned endpoints
  • Management and control of servers

Remote Access 

baramundi Remote Control allows you to remotely view a user’s screen, while the user themselves can carry on working. This allows you to respond quickly and to demonstrate possible solutions, for example, that the user can follow on screen. Or you can take control of the remote computer yourself. 

To do this, you directly access the user’s PC. While the client needs to have Remote Control installed, the accessing computer only needs baramundi Remote Viewer, which requires no additional installation of the Management Console. 

Data Protection Included 

baramundi attaches great importance to data protection. For this reason, it is only possible to remotely access another system if either nobody is logged onto the system or the user agrees by clicking a button. What is more, the remote system displays a clearly visible window that shows that a remote connection is active. The name and photo of the employee accessing the computer can even be displayed.  The connection can be disconnected at the remote system at any time with a click of the mouse. 

Well Protected

An administrator can log on to unmanned computers and also remotely confirm the access dialog. However, to do this, they must know the user’s password. If no user is logged onto the client, a logon user can be used. This enables simple access to clients and servers using baramundi Remote Viewer. 

If a connection established by the administrator using a user name and password is dropped or terminated, the client is locked. This prevents the computer from being exposed to misuse. A lock can only be removed using the Viewer – and only, of course, if the password is known.

Integrated Solution

baramundi Remote Control is fully integrated in the baramundi agent, which also enables logons to unmanned workstations. baramundi Remote Control is therefore particularly suitable for controlling server systems. This means that you have access to all servers from your workstation and can observe, control and maintain them conveniently from afar.

baramundi Energy Management

Determines the energy consumption of computers and monitors on the network and helps you to reduce energy costs in the long term
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At a glance

  • reduced power consumption of the PC workstations
  • Environmental relief
  • Reduced energy costs
  • No disturbance of the use

baramundi Virtual

Makes virtual environments transparent and enables straightforward management of virtual machines
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At a glance

  • Makes the IT environment more transparent
  • Straightforward inventorization of VMware environments
  • Overview of physical and virtual end devices
  • Management of virtual machines
  • Provision of new virtual machines

baramundi License Management

A quick overview of your own license situation helps to avoid over- and undercoverage
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The benefits for you

  • Simple, clear reporting
  • Fast, transparent identification of over- or under-licensing
  • Basis for reliable, compliant license management


  • Flexible web interface for workstations without a baramundi Management Center installation
  • Structure for recording products, licenses and contracts
  • Simple assignment of existing installations in the company
  • Standard reporting and creation of individual reporting views

Supported platforms

  • baramundi License Management supports all Microsoft operating systems and keeps a record of applications on these platforms via baramundi Inventory.

For detailed questions on license optimization or upcoming audits, baramundi recommends that you refer to an independent SAM consultant.

Get an overview with baramundi Inventory

In IT, license fees are responsible for the lion’s share of costs. Overcoverage can therefore be just as expensive as a software audit that determines that the number of licenses is too low. In order to counter this, the most important first step is to get an overview of the actual software installations within the company and to make the contract management system transparent.

baramundi License Management obtains the data to do this directly from baramundi Inventory: In addition to the designation, the system also records the number and type of applications and operating systems installed. Of course, there is also an option to add installations on devices not managed through baramundi.

Structured records of license information

The next step is to populate baramundi License Management with the license information: A structured and well-designed framework is available to License Managers, in which they can enter relevant data from license documentation. For example, it records whether certain upgrade or downgrade rights exist, as well as other specific license characteristics. Scans and other files can be linked to the entries for better traceability.

Easy-to-understand reports

The baramundi License Management module creates a clear, easy-to-understand report after reconciling the inventory results with the stored license information. This results in clear indications of any need for action in terms of possible over- or under-licensing.

Added value through AUT and Deploy

Before purchasing a new license, the frequency and last uses of software installations can be read via the baramundi AUT module and surplus and/or unused installations can be removed directly via baramundi Deploy. This means that immediate corrective action is also available, which is also a much cheaper alternative to purchasing a license.

Access even without baramundi Management Center

A flexible web browser interface allows access to baramundi License Management even without a local installation of the baramundi Management Suite. This means that License Managers outside the IT department also have access to the cost-saving and efficiency-enhancing management tools of the baramundi License Management module.


baramundi Inventory

Perfect overview of hardware, software, licenses and any company data
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At a glance

  • Comprehensive inventory of hardware and software, assets and SNMP devices
  • Flexible, user-defined general inventory
  • Detects illegally installed software
  • Automated license management helps prevent under/over-licensing
  • Perfect integration into the baramundi Management Suite through a shared database
  • Detailed reporting


baramundi Inventory automatically makes an inventory of your systems and provides this information to other modules like baramundi Deploy, in order to automatically install applications. The collected data can be easily queried via an XML interface, including for other applications like accounting or for support queries.

For a full overview of all programs it does not matter whether you install software manually, using the baramundi Management Suite, or with other management tools. baramundi Inventory automatically recognizes the software installed on clients, notebooks and servers and lists them in full.

The integrated procedures are supplemented by a user-defined inventory management. Plenty of leeway here. You can enter all data using an input screen or other databases, save it to the baramundi database or make it accessible to other applications.

License Management

baramundi Inventory makes it easy to keep track of your licenses. Reliably avoid severe penalty payments for underlicensing and reduce superfluous licenses down to the actual number of users. License your products realistically and define a user-definable threshold value that warns you of impending underlicensing in due time. And what happens if a user installs unlicensed software? Then let baramundi Deploy uninstall the software automatically.

Additional savings potential is provided by baramundi AUT as an add-on to baramundi Inventory. It identifies software that is no longer used and helps you avoid unnecessary license fees for unused programs.


The baramundi Reporting module provides you with a quick and informative summary of all data contained in your baramundi database. Standard reports about the hardware and software configuration are already included. All reports can be easily customized to meet your needs.

Helpdesk Integration

When dealing with support inquiries all the information you require is at your fingertips because the inventory data recorded in the baramundi Management Suite is also available to your Helpdesk system. This data is made available via the baramundi interface.

Data protection

Monitor your inventory, not your employees. You define what data is to be recorded when using the inventory software. As a German software developer, baramundi is subject to the strict German and European data protection standards.

baramundi Network Devices

Detects SNMP endpoints such as printers, routers, and switches visualizes the network topology
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At a glance

  • Recording the network environment with SNMP scanner
  • Standard rule set available for defining devices
  • Rule set can be customized and amended at any time
  • IT map creates transparency with visual display

Network Devices

The baramundi Network Devices module records network devices such as routers, switches, and printers that support SNMP.  As well as recording these devices and reading their properties, it also identifies the network topology and presents it in an overview as an "IT map." This therefore provides the administrator with a complete overview of the setup and structure of the company network.


Before the network devices can be displayed as endpoints in baramundi Management Suite, the network environment must first be scanned. In accordance with defined IP ranges and SNMP rule sets, the baramundi Network Devices module scans the network for devices that support versions 1, 2c, or 3 of the SNMP. Devices include routers, switches, and printers.

Detection Rules

Detection rules use an established logic to define how the type of network device is identified. They also determine which values should be read and imported into the database for this type of network device. The rules can be nested as many times as required using operators, comparisons, and checks in order to specify individual devices more precisely and to read additional values. A standard rule set is available for download in the baramundi Management Suite. This rule set defines the commonest network devices and can be adapted to include additional rules and values. PowerShell scripts can be used to define very specific rules.


After the network scan has been performed, found devices are displayed in logical groupings. They can optionally be rearranged into specific subgroups. The endpoints can be displayed as an IT map in the environment view. This shows connections between different devices and presents detailed information about individual network devices, and therefore provides IT administrators with a comprehensive overview of the network topology.

baramundi AUT

Finds unused software and helps to save license costs
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At a glance

  • Detects the level of usage of software
  • Easy to configure
  • Helps optimize licensing costs
  • Helps evaluate the use of new programs
  • Can be activated on demand
  • Meets all data protection regulations

Identifying Unused Software

Over time, companies introduce more and more software products. Rollouts across all PCs, changes of employees and roles, personal preferences for certain programs and many other reasons cause more and more applications to remain unused on company PCs. Often, even the employees no longer know which program was installed for what and whether they need it any more.

baramundi AUT takes an inventory of this. baramundi Management Suite uses the AUT module to log in the background the programs that run on all of the configured PCs. This means that you find out where a particular program physically lies in the system, and most importantly whether it is being used at all.

This then clarifies how many licenses are really needed for each application – also preventing over-licensing and under-licensing – and which programs can be uninstalled from which PCs, preferably automatically with baramundi Deploy.

In contrast to baramundi Inventory, which creates a snapshot of the inventory data, baramundi AUT collects the inventory data during a defined period. The administrator of baramundi AUT then receives an overview of the usage level of the software. From the total number of unused software applications, baramundi AUT works out the savings potential in euros at the same time.

Importance of Data Protection

baramundi AUT naturally meets all data protection regulations; the users are not transparent, but the system is. baramundi logs AUT data only on the PCs configured for this purpose and only if the baramundi AUT administrator responsible has authorized this. This ensures that in sensitive environments, no AUT data is logged. The sophisticated baramundi AUT rights system also defines exactly who can collect or read what data.

How Does baramundi AUT Ensure Complete Data and User Protection?

baramundi AUT only records data for those applications that have been explicitly defined for this purpose and also enables individual clients to be excluded from the AUT data capture. To allow data to be recorded on a client or entered in the database, an AUT license must be entered on the baramundi Server.

In the baramundi Management Suite, the AUT configuration has been assigned its own baramundi right. This clearly regulates who can switch AUT on or off. A baramundi right is also assigned to the AUT evaluation, which clearly states who is allowed to view AUT data for which clients and/or applications.

To ensure employees and their software usage cannot be tracked online, baramundi AUT records the time at which a software application configured for AUT was last used. If this time is less than 3 days ago, the time of use cannot be seen.


baramundi Managed Software

Makes updates and security patches for many applications available as tested and ready-to-deploy software packages
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At a glance

  • Receive software packages for updates and patches ready for deployment
  • Receive security-relevant patches in good time
  • Easily manage installations, uninstallations and security patches
  • Have all updates checked and packetized by experts
  • Free up time and resources
  • Ensure your programs always have the latest secure status

Perfectly Prepared

baramundi software experts take on the task of monitoring, packetizing, testing and releasing updates for many standard applications in a controlled manner. Security-relevant updates are provided promptly – fully tested and ready to roll out. All packages can also be used for an initial installation, update or uninstallation, and are perfectly integrated into baramundi Inventory. If necessary, you can also store your own data or define application usage tracking rules for software use. 

Updates promptly available

You receive detailed information about the available updates in baramundi Management Center, e.g. how critical the security gap is and what should be noted for the roll-out. You decide which updates you want to load automatically onto which computers. Before the installation, you can still adapt important parameters to your needs, e.g. license numbers, server addresses, installation location.

Using the “Release for test” option, you can deploy updates only on selected systems. This allows you to test the software for compatibility with your system before you implement a company-wide roll-out of the updates. You deploy the update automatically with baramundi Management Suite - saving time, manpower and money.

» MSW Factsheet - Read more

baramundi Patch Management

Automatic and manual, rule-based, secure patch deployment
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At a glance

  • Helps to identify security threats
  • Powerful patch management for Microsoft security updates and functional updates
  • Immediately productive thanks to automatic updates
  • Easy to operate, short training period
  • Rule-based patch release
  • Immediate entry of job status

Fast Patch Deployment without Disturbing Users

baramundi Patch Management simultaneously checks many computers in the network for necessary patches and supplies them with all updates according to a rule-based process. Users can generally carry on working unhindered. The installations run in the background and any reboots required are combined in order to minimize installation time. And because patches can be installed from multiple file servers, the network load remains low.

Simple and Flexible Operation

Even though baramundi Patch Management functions automatically, it only does exactly what the administrator wants and allows. The software is very simple to operate and has a short learning curve. You define what will be automatically installed and when you want to be consulted in advance. baramundi Patch Management securely downloads patches from the Internet and automatically deploys them if required.

You retain an overview at all times of your patch status, can install patches for specific PCs or groups, for entire domains or locations. And when you need to uninstall a patch, this is also performed centrally.

According to Your Rules

Automatic also means controlled. You specify in detail how baramundi Patch Management should work for you. You define whether systems should only be checked for missing patches or whether they should also be installed at the same time. You release patches automatically or manually, define rules for different groups in your IT system. Give it a try!

Patch Baselines for Maximum Security

Patch baselines ensure reliable, rule-based manual patch processes. Assuming, for instance, two different administrators are responsible for server management and patching, the patching administrator can use baselines to establish precise schedules for the installation of patches and also monitor this process. He or she does not have to alter the rules for server operation but can still guarantee that security gaps are plugged in a timely fashion.

Security Through Quality

baramundi ensures that the baramundi Management Suite is of excellent quality – and that it is always available following delivery. For example, the updated patch database is made available to you as early as possible on Microsoft Patch Day. Naturally, every patch is subjected to quality management checks before being released. The baramundi Management Suite provides you with automatically checked security, from Patch Day to Patch Day.

baramundi Compliance Management

Automatically checks PCs and servers for compliance with security and license guidelines
>> more


At a glance

  • Automatic scan of all PCs and servers for known and documented vulnerabilities
  • Compile your own user-defined rules based on baramundi scripts and carry out regular comprehensive checks
  • Automated review of device configuration settings
  • Overview in a dashboard
  • Option to drill down by endpoint or potential threat: Which computers exhibit the most vulnerabilities? Which gaps are the most risky?
  • Quickly close the gaps directly with baramundi Management Suite
  • Increases system security

Automated vulnerability scan

baramundi Compliance Management uses standardized rules which are maintained by recognized organizations and security firms. The checks for security gaps are based on over 15,000 constantly updated rules. The vulnerability scan by baramundi Compliance Management takes place automatically on all PCs and servers and in a level of detail which cannot be guaranteed by an IT administrator without technical resources.

baramundi Compliance Management integrates vulnerability management into baramundi Management Suite. Don't just detect infringements, now you can close them directly using the client management solution: deploy patches for Microsoft applications and operating systems with baramundi Patch Management. With baramundi Managed Software you can centrally ensure that numerous non-Microsoft applications are secure and up-to-date.

The solution also reviews the configuration of computers. You can thus spot deviations from the target status and quickly ensure secure, compliant settings.

According to a survey by Kaspersky, companies take 64 days on average to close security gaps. baramundi Compliance Management increases your reaction speed. You reduce the time in which the gap can be exploited to a minimum.

baramundi Device Control

Secure control of access to all devices connected to a PC in the company
>> more

At a glance

  • Protection against unauthorized external access
  • Protection against data theft
  • Detailed settings for permissions
  • Unique authorization for specific media
  • Secure encryption for mobile media
  • Protection for online and offline devices
  • Detailed logs

baramundi Application Control

Allows only approved applications to be started
>> more

At a glance

  • White list concept for optimum protection
  • 100% protection against known and unknown threats
  • Reliable control over all applications in the company’s entire network
  • Protects the network from being overloaded
  • Automated identification
  • Special protection for mission-critical servers
  • Detailed logs

Back up/Restore

baramundi Disaster Recovery

Accurate backing up and restoring of drives
>> more

At a glance

  • Backs up complete partitions as a binary image during ongoing operation
  • Easily restores systems to a defined status
  • Enables restoration to an identical or newly created partition
  • Minimizes downtimes due to hard disk defects, hardware loss or virus attack
  • Allows you to set priorities between speed and minimum resource requirement
  • Saves compressed backup locally to the system or centrally to a server

baramundi Personal Backup

Effectively backs up user data and settings
>> more

At a glance

  • Backs up files, documents and registry entries
  • Uses backup templates to make management easier
  • Backups can be flexibly scheduled
  • Incremental backup and compression for minimum resource requirement
  • Saves compressed backup locally to the system or centrally to a server
  • Restores individual files and certain versions
  • Centrally configured via the job control features of the baramundi Management Suite


baramundi Connect

Provides various interfaces to other applications, such as Helpdesk, License and Asset Management
>> more

At a glance

  • Standards-compliant XML, JSON and HTTPS Web service
  • Documented database
  • Automation via all common languages
  • Ever increasing number of existing connections

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