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Product Tests


On Trial: baramundi Automate

Comparison Test of Script-Based Software Packagers: Competing Packaging Services

Tools for the creation of software packages are impressive examples of how recurring processes can be automated by using scripting. However, the challenge is, ideally, for the scripts to generate themselves automatically, while also being easy to adapt. IT-Administrator magazine therefore decided to take a closer look at ACMP Automate, baramundi Automate, and WinCM Scripting Framework, all of which create script-based software packages. We wanted to know their scope of application and how much programming knowledge they require.

Tested by Jürgen Heyer (Excerpt from IT-Administrator),
published in IT-Administrator, issue 05/2016

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Test Managed Software

On Trial: baramundi Managed Software

"Out of the Box" Software

Administration made easy: pre-packetized and tested software packages of common software are offered ready for deployment. Administrators in the company have an enormous amount of tasks to do. So it's a good thing that the bulk of these tasks can be dealt with using a single piece of software. Besides, in the latest version of baramundi Management Suite 8.5, the packaging of widely used software will no longer be required.

Tested by Thomas Bär, freelance writer,
published with NT4Admins edition 08/2011

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Test bMS 8.1

On Trial: baramundi Management Suite 8.1

Management Solution With Powerful Innovations

baramundi has just released version 8.1 of its Management Suite, which has a significant number of new features compared to its predecessor. IAIT took a close look at the new features in a practical test.

Tested by the Institut zur Analyse von IT-Komponenten (IAIT), Dr. Götz Güttich ,
published in IT-Administrator, issue 05/2010

 » as PDF, 866 kB