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Specialist Articles


Central administration of mobile devices and desktop clients

Administrators face numerous hurdles when it comes to administering mobile terminal devices as securely and reliably as PCs or laptops. For one thing, the number of device types and operating system versions is large. And the risk that one of these small devices is lost or stolen – complete with the user's confidential data – is significantly higher than for laptop computers. Armin Leinfelder, baramundi software AG, illustrates how combined client lifecycle and mobile device management suites can help administrators keep their overview of all devices, big and small.

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Windows 7 Migration

Checklist for smooth, automated migration

Many companies continue to use the predecessor product XP. This report by Mr. Küster, IT Director at CMS Hasche Sigle, shows how easy the migration to Windows 7 or Windows 8 can be.

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Data Protection

Data Protection in an Era of Mobile Device Management

The Role of Data Protection Officers

How can employees' private, mobile end devices be securely integrated into the company network? As lawyer Wolfgang A. Schmid, Data Protection officer at baramundi software AG explained in an interview with IT-BUSINESS, the responsibilities concerning the viewing and use of data must be clearly defined. The role of the Data Protection Officer is becoming more and more important.

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