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Saving Time – with Automation

The coronavirus pandemic has shown that digitalization is not just a trend, but essential in keeping operations running even under adverse conditions. Flexibility and efficiency are now required to keep up with the economic surge in the coming year.

The baramundi Management Suite is a modular solution that helps automate routine tasks such as distributing applications and patches, as well as, taking inventory and securing your endpoints through automation. At the same time, you are creating procedures to manage the entire lifecycle of all the endpoint devices used in the organization – from the classic Windows clients to mobile devices. Thus, saving you time and reduce your overall costs.

With over 20 years of experience in the Unified Endpoint Management market, baramundi offers you intuitive, automated and easy to use tools along with excellent support that you can use to help drive digitalization in your organization.

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Flexible and efficient IT management

  • Achieve more: Regardless of the size of your IT team, automation allows you to complete routine tasks faster. With baramundi Automation Studio you create time for projects that advance your company.
  • Easy setup & operation: When using our Inventory, Deploy and OS-Install modules the setup is completed within a few hour and all tasks are conducted via an intuitive interface.
  • Mobile devices fully under control: baramundi Mobile Device Management ensures the safety of BYOD & COPE users and secures company data with and personal profiles
  • Security & Performance: Automated patch management along with the built in vulnerability scanner makes your corporate network secure and resilient to cyberattacks.

How our customers work with baramundi

“We can confidently recommend baramundi."

“Honestly, we were a bit concerned at first with baramundi being a German company and that there could some issues with translations. But that has not been the experience at all,” Tweddell said. “We are very pleased with baramundi.”
IMS Security Analyst and IT veteran, Brian Tweddel

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“baramundi makes our work easier every day."

“Third-party app support in particular was one of the features that made us choose baramundi. Our IT environment has become much more secure with the managed software from baramundi, especially in combination with the vulnerability scanner."
helpdesk technician at CD PROJEKT RED, Michał Gawryluk

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"baramundi Management Suite is defender & striker"

baramundi is a scoring hat in the Bundesliga as well. Watch the reference clip to see how the German soccer league club FC Augsburg manages its IT landscape behind the scenes with the baramundi Management Suite.

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