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baramundi Argus Experience

The shift to hybrid in-office, home and mobile work significantly increased endpoint management challenges for IT teams. It also elevated the importance of end-user experience management (EUEM). Ensuring secure and reliable endpoint performance regardless of device type or location is essential for user productivity and day-to-day operations. System and software hangs and crashes can frustrate users and IT admins alike with a flood of support tickets that must be investigated and resolved promptly.

The cloud-based baramundi Argus Experience (bEX) solution helps IT staff identify, troubleshoot and fix endpoint issues, sometimes even before they affect users and generate support tickets. That means better end-user productivity and satisfaction and more time for IT teams to reduce backlogs, plan and implement strategic projects, or complete new certification training.

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Advantages at a glance

Increase end-user user satisfaction and productivity

Improve endpoint stability & performance

Optimize network connectivity*

Simplify and accelerate troubleshooting


Reduce support requests with early detection of problems

Resolve complex problems with detailed analytics*

*Some of the benefits mentioned will only be available after Argus Experience is launched.

Important functions in Argus Experience

  • Monitor endpoint indicators: View relevant data regarding endpoint performance and stability, e.g., application crashes.
  • Capture end-user feedback: Compare subjective user feedback with corresponding endpoint performance data to identify "hidden" anomalies.
  • Visualize current and historical data: Ergonomic dashboards and views show historical data and real-time information to spot trends.
  • Evaluate "good" and "bad" results: Clear scoring makes it possible to determine compliance of current performance data with baseline metrics.
  • Fast enrollment with comprehensive data protection: Quickly deploy and use Argus Experience internationally because it meets stringent EU-DSGVO (GDPR) requirements for personal data processing.
  • Comprehensive role and rights management: Ensures that authorized users can only view data relevant to their specific roles and responsibilities.

Use Cases

Argus Experience use cases include:

Reduce frustrating software problems

  • Clear and concise notification of crashes and hangs
  • Immediately detect delayed restarts
  • Measure end-user satisfaction during upgrades, migrations and new software rollouts

Identify hardware problems

  • Immediately detect hardware conflicts and incompatibilities
  • Improve device battery management
  • View or confirm suitable hardware for the software in use

Improve onboarding of new employees

  • Comprehensive tools to retrieve end-user feedback during onboarding
  • Quickly determine if required software is missing
  • Detect and remedy software licensing gaps

Our goal with bEX is to enable your users to work productively, smoothly and securely. With our clear focus on end-user experiences, we give IT admins a holistic view of common endpoint problems and the tools and data they need to identify the causes and to initiate appropriate solutions.

Robert Klinger, Product Manager, baramundi software GmbH

With baramundi Argus Experience, we can identify and proactively address hardware and software problems before they affect customers. Users enjoy reliable, high-quality services and we avoid a flood of support tickets.

Alexander Hecker,
Team Leader Enterprise Client Management BAGHUS EDV- & Internetdienstleistungen GmbH

Outlook: Argus Experience capabilities in development

Outlier Detection: for broader root cause analysis

Problem Prevention: detect symptoms and analyze causes to implement lasting solutions.

Integrated and flexible

Flexible system interfaces enable the integration of Argus Experience with UEM systems such as the baramundi Management Suite.

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