baramundi Personal Backup

baramundi Personal Backup

Your Files and Settings are Secure

It’s the same story with every new computer: It can take days until you get all the settings perfectly customized. And what use is the best document backup service if it overwrites a document you just updated with incorrect information? Are your personal settings as secure as the valuable data in your company? They are with baramundi Personal Backup.

Benefits for You

  • Backs up files, documents and registry entries 
  • Uses backup templates to simplify management 
  • Flexible backup scheduling 
  • Incremental backup and compression for minimal use of resources 
  • Stores compressed data locally on the system, or centrally on a server 
  • Also restores individual files
  • Centrally configured via job control in the baramundi Management Suite

Try it Out!

Find out whether the baramundi Personal Backup tool can help you, and request a free 30-day fully functional trial version. We’ll happily demonstrate to you in person in your company how you can make the most of working with the baramundi Management Suite, and how you can use baramundi Personal Backup to protect your most important data and settings. 

baramundi Personal Backup in Detail

Effectively Back-up Personal Files and Settings

baramundi Personal Backup takes away the stress and worry about accidentally deleting or overwriting documents, and ensures that previous settings can be retrieved quickly – even on an entirely newly installed computer.
Use baramundi Personal Backup to back up your data to free up time for really productive work. You can conveniently save all user data, e.g. Office documents and settings, as personal preferences in your applications.

Restoring Personal Files

baramundi Personal Backup regularly backs up your documents, files and settings with automatic data backup. You can then restore exactly the version you need at any time.
And after a new installation with baramundi OS-Install, baramundi Personal Backup automatically restores your backed up files and settings. 

Simple Management

You can define what is backed up, where it is backed up, and how it is backed up, in clear backup templates that you can easily manage and add to. You can control all tasks for backup and restoration centrally via job control in the baramundi Management Suite. Here, you can define the validity, frequency, user interaction, and much more.

New Installation and Reinstallation

Avoid time-consuming troubleshooting when software problems occur, and simply reinstall the software on the computer concerned, fully and completely automatically, with just a few mouseclicks. baramundi OS-Install, baramundi Deploy and baramundi Patch Management carry out the tasks reliably. baramundi Personal Backup also restores your backed up files and settings automatically. If you wish to back up the entire system, we recommend baramundi Disaster Recovery