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"It's great what we've been able to implement with the software so far."

Servizi Italia


Servizi Italia

Gruppo Servizi Italia has been a leading provider of integrated healthcare solutions for many years. Founded in 1986 as a company for planning construction and installation of laundries and laundries, Servizi Italia has developed into a market leader and competent provider of hygiene services in healthcare and industry by diversifying and expanding its range of services. The company has over 3000 employees at 56 production sites worldwide.

In Italy alone, Servizi Italia therefore has over 1000 endpoints in use. This extensive IT infrastructure is serviced by Andrea Ruscitti, ICT Officer Manager / Servizi Italia, together with his two IT teams for infrastructure and applications. A significant part of the work is done on Android end devices with the corresponding applications developed in-house by the company.

Servizi Italia

Replacing manual management of mobile devices

"For a long time, we had been content to manually equip and manage all mobile devices with the necessary software. The larger the number of devices and applications in the company became, the more this process dragged on. In order to regulate usage and access rights, we also had to install customized versions for the respective users," explains Ruscitti.

"This repeatedly led to confusion among users and generally took far too long. That's why we started looking around for a mobile device management solution. Three applications made the short list for this. Before we decided, however, we wanted to see them in action."

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Decision in favor of a proven solution

"In the end, baramundi convinced us. After numerous meetings with the representatives of the various companies, whose offerings were very similar on paper, baramundi stood out positively during the demonstration. For example, we found the preparation for the live demonstration was great. During the meeting, the baramundi expert tested together with us directly on the product all the questions we raised about "incidents" that could occur during operation. In addition, we were impressed by his detailed knowledge of the product. Overall, we also liked the product portfolio very much, as it included pretty much exactly what we wanted."

At that point, we had the baramundi solution in use on our PC clients for over a year. That made our decision a lot easier, as we already had positive experiences with the company and their support.

Andrea Ruscitti, ICT Officer Manager / Servizi Italia

Straightforward thanks to Dedicated Device Mode

"In the meantime, the baramundi Management Suite takes a lot of work off our hands – from Windows installation on the PCs to hardware and software inventory on PCs and mobile devices. It was a big step from managing only our PC-Clients to also including all our mobile devices. But after a year of learnings and implementation we can say: The time saved with the baramundi MDM solution is enormous. Manually setting up a device previously cost us one to two hours. Now with baramundi, it takes just 10 minutes to start the installation and the jobs associated with the respective devices. In addition, we can now install software without having the corresponding device at hand, simply by running a new installation job in the software's Management Center.

This has made it easier for our IT staff to prepare and manage the devices. The use of the devices by our end users has now also become a lot more straightforward thanks to the Dedicated Device Mode. With this feature of baramundi Mobile Devices Premium, mobile devices can be configured to have only certain predefined apps installed, such as a RFID scanner, but can be used by any employee without a separate user account."


"It's great what we've been able to implement with the software so far – and we've by no means explored all the possibilities yet. The training on how to use the software was also crystal clear and the trainers were well prepared and knowledgeable about their product. All in all, we are very satisfied with baramundi. We use the software every day and everything works great. We are already looking forward to what the next updates will bring.“